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Breezy Point Timeshare Property – Minnesota

This is a message to anyone interested in owning a timeshare deeded property at Breezy Point, Minnesota. My wife and I purchased a re-sale timeshare property, a Memorial week, from a private owner for only $400 a few years ago. We found it on the Internet and have used it every year, and have not regretted the purchase. Want to see the unit? Go to: Pelican Greens and see why we have never regretted our purchase.

Since Breezy Point is only 2.5 hrs. away from our home, we also attend the annual meetings. Our board of directors is made up of actual owners in our 4 unit timeshare unit.  They do an excellent job and are always open to any suggestions which may improve the units. We have not had any maintenance fee increases in 3 years.

I’m going to “stick my neck out” and recommend that if you are interested in vacationing close to home, you check out “Vacation Ownership For Less” a licensed Minnesota Real Estate Company specializing in timeshare sales for timeshare owners and people like my wife and me who were looking for a deeded timeshare close to our home.

I have seen timeshare deeded weeks listed for as little as $50. Talk to these people and consider a deeded timeshare property here in Minnesota for less than paying for a cabin somewhere here in Minnesota. The advantages for us included using the resort facilities at anytime year round.

Note:  One of the things I really like about this company is that before they will accept a timeshare from a owner who wishes to sell their timeshare, is that the maintenance fee is paid-up-to-date.

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