Government Intrusions, Taxes, And Big Hotels Pushing For More Taxes!

May 25, 2017

More revenues for governments.  The government thinks that because you own a timeshare that you are rich. Well, my wife and I purchased all 3 of our deeded timeshare weeks on the re-sale market for 10 cents on the dollar, with one of the timeshare properties given to us by a former customer for nothing.

We first saw this example of extra taxes tacked onto our bill at the Cancun Resort in Las Vegas a few years back. We could not believe when checking out that we owed the resort another $45 for taxes. A daily tax that Clark County in Nevada applied to timeshare use because the hotel industry in Las Vegas felt it was unfair that they had to collect daily taxes from people renting rooms and timeshare owners did not. See that article here. 

This will destroy some of the timeshare industry if adopted even if timeshare owners purchase on the re-sale market.

Make sure you check into this when requesting an exchange.