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Timeshare salespeople are notorious for pressuring consumers into immediate signing because they don’t want you to think about whether or not the deal is good for you.

Jan. 9, 2018

Nothing Has Changed In Signing Contracts Immediately! Beware of the push to sign without reading the fine print!

Research before buying or trying to get relief of your timeshare contracts

Think About it, Read The Small Print, Tell The Salesperson You want to check the Internet

This will really get the salesperson upset. Tell them that you want to check  for resale timeshare unit. Understand, however, how at this point the salesperson will get a supervisor or try to dismiss you without getting your gift, which you are entitled to after 1.5 to 2.0 hours of attending a presentation. 

Timeshare salespeople are notorious for pressuring consumers into immediate signing because they don’t want you to think about whether or not the deal is good for you.

Why We Recommend Tug2.Net – In Case You Are Interested, Like We Were, In Owning Another Timeshare Week From The Resale Market!

Nov. 19, 2017

(We here at do not receive any compensation for recommending this resort, but we do own a deeded week.) 

We here at have personally used to purchase a Prime May-June re-sale week for only $400 from  previous owners who were not longer using their timeshare, for exchanging purposes,  and wished to sell.  Here is the unit we purchased from the previous owners. Two bedroom, two bath, enclosed hot tub in the living area Click Here.

 The  deeded week was at Breezy Point International only 3 hours from our home here in Minnesota. The previous owners lived only one mile outside of Breezy Point International and partly purchased the timeshare for the privileges of using the resort facilities anytime during the year when family and relatives visited. Otherwise, during the 10 years they owned the deeded week they used it for exchanging vacations to other resorts around the USA. 

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We had a professional closing facility take care of all the details and the exchange of ownership took place within 30 days. We have used our deeded week every year for the last 5 years and continue to look forward every spring early summer to using it. 

Click here for the current listings of deeded or point related timeshare weeks at Breezy Point.

Breezy Point Timeshare Offices


Overview Of The Buying Of Previously Owned Timeshare Properties

1. Are you on thinking about seeking used timeshares?

2. Are you tired of hearing the sales pitches of timeshare salesmen?

3. Here is the remedy, consider purchasing a previous owners timeshare on the timeshare resale market.

The leading essential standard is the cost, so do your research as well as research study the rates of timeshare devices in the location you have an interest in acquiring. A timeshare is a financial investment for a far better life. Bear in mind that the rates of timeshare resale devices are as reduced as 30% to virtually half the cost of the brand-new devices. You could do the research study on web public auction websites like and also If you are acquiring via a broker you could ask the broker to reveal a relative evaluation of costs.

Timeshare resale happens Continue reading “Overview Of The Buying Of Previously Owned Timeshare Properties”

Bargain Basement Timeshare Resales Less Than $500.

June 24, 2017

OK. Why I am mentioning these properties “For Sale” by private sellers. Mostly to help them out. My wife and I purchased all 3 deeded timeshare weeks we own, many years ago, from people who not longer wished to travel or didn’t want to pay the maintenance fee’s any longer. They paid the retail prices, some as high as $24,000 for these deeded properties.

We see a lot of the sellers list either one bedroom units or points. We suggest you consider deeded property. The cost to buy would be a little higher with deeded timeshare because of the closing cost of recording your legal documents with the county. We paid $400 for a prime summer week and the seller paid the closing cost. We still use that 2 bedroom today as our summer getaway 2.5 miles from our home.

Consider buying close to home so you can use the resort facilities during the year other than one week a year.

Consider a two bedroom unit for family and friends.

Confirm with the resort that this is a current owner at that resort and is current with their maintenance fee’s. Do your research. Plenty of information here on our website.

OK. Click here for all the great bargains here.

Just A Reminder – Timeshare Deeds vs Timeshare Points –

June 10, 2017

Picture of a simple beneficiary deed for Missouri State

We have many articles about timeshare deeded property and timeshare points. Click here for those articles. We here have the original concept of timeshare deeded property and written many articles about the differences. Research, research, research. Think before making that big expensive decision and remember the resale market is where you can purchase timeshare deeded property for as little as $1.00 like we have.

Also remember articles we have written about a simple “Beneficial Deed” if you wish to leave your timeshare property to a relative or friend who is willing to take over the timeshare from your family without going through “Probate”. Click here for information in the states where you own timeshare property. 

Timeshare document in case I die..Great Article But Don’t Forget A “Beneficiary Deed” also.

May 1, 2017

I just ran across this article about “writing a timeshare document” before you die”.  Click here to read.  Interesting information and lots of responses from other timeshare owners. But don’t forget the all important “Beneficiary Deed” if you purchase your timeshare out of state from where you live. 

Read this. Read this about “Beneficiary Deeded Forms”  

Best Timeshare For 2017 – Consumer Affairs

Best Timeshare For 2017 – Consumer Affairs – Click Here

This is a simple easy to read and overall review of 

most of the timeshare companies around the world. Keep in mind your best bet is purchasing a timeshare property on the resale market. Not necessarily a timeshare property from these large franchise companies. Take a look at where we own at each of the resorts at the top of this website. You deal directly with the resort association without a middleman. Very reputable resort associations.

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Timeshare Title And Deed Options – Ways To Avoid Probate If You Purchased Timeshare Property Out of Your State.

We found this article worth reading. We know your time is valuable but if you own timeshare either in the state you  live or out of state it’s worth your time. We have solved our 3 deeded timeshare weeks through a “Beneficiary Deed”. You can do this also. It’s not hard to do and now some states make it even easier using online services. You don’t even have leave your home to take care of these issues. 

Click here for more information if you belong to any type of timeshare title or club or vacation ownership.


What’s my timeshare worth? Links to different websites…For your search information

Author of

My wife and I purchased all 3 deeded timeshare properties at 5 star resorts on the resale market so we don’t have anything to lose if our adult children and their families do not want the properties.

The only timeshare property that we own out of our state is at Treetop Village in Missouri. It is a 5 star Interval International affiliated resort with the lowest maintenance fees of all 3 timeshare properties we own.

We have solved the transfer,should we pass, by securing a beneficiary deed that our adult children can take over without going through probate by securing a “Beneficiary Deed”

But here are some other options for your review…. Continue readingWhat’s my timeshare worth? Links to different websites…For your search information

How do I buy a Timeshare Resale? Do I have to attend closing in person? – Premier Timeshare Resale

This is a good question. In 2011 I was browsing a Timeshare Magazine called; TUG (Timeshare Users Group). It’s a timeshare magazine that I read to keep up-to-date on timeshare property. 

My wife and I own two deeded timeshare weeks and were not looking for a 3rd week. But wouldn’t you know a private seller had listed a 2 bedroom, sleep 8, deeded week at Breezy Point International. It was a prime summer week and only 2.5 hrs from our Minnesota home. We were familiar with this resort and saw the pictures on the Internet. 

This unit was right on the golf course. The resale price was only $400. We placed an immediate call to the owner, who was in Arizona for the winter. He was not coming home for several months. 

He was familiar with a timeshare closing agent located in Georgia. He asked if it would be OK to use that agent he was familiar with. We didn’t care because he was paying the $250 closing fee. 

To answer your question, we never met the closing agent in Georgia and we never met the timeshare owners until they got back to Minnesota from their winter home in Arizona. 

The title and deed was delivered to us all within 30 days. We have used that timeshare for the last two years and love every minutes of it. 


Premier Timeshare Resale – 1-800-861-8754 Ext. 6100 – Premier Timeshare Resale with RE/MAX is composed of licensed Real Estate…