How Drinking Coffee Can Pay For Your Timeshare Vacations!

Drinking Coffee and Our timeshare Maintenance Fee’s. A new approach to think about. We own 3 deeded timeshare properties and we have loved planning and taking 3 weeks vacations every year for the last 15 years.

We realized years ago how easy it was to drive into a McDonald’s drive through for coffee and other goodies. We also started watching other people waiting in line at Starbuck’s and other popular coffee shops.

We figured we were also spending anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 or more just for coffee. So, how does relate to our yearly maintenance fee’s. The total maintenance fee’s together are $1350 for our 3 vacation weeks in luxury resorts. It came to $3.83 per day just for coffee.

So, this is what we did. We decided we liked to vacation and we could easily make our coffee at home in the mornings and during the days limit our coffee drinking. That easily paid for our timeshare vacations maintenance fee’s. We contacted each resort and set-up paying our maintenance fee’s by budgeting $135.00 per month divided between the 3 resorts and by December of each year we had our next years maintenance fee’s paid in advance.

We also contacted each of the resorts and offered to pay our next years maintenance fee’s starting in January of each year. They all agreed. So, by Dec. of each year we have already paid for next years vacations. This because we valued our vacations more that drinking up to $5.00 in coffee each day.

This is just one idea. What is your idea for your budgeted vacations?
Cary & Elaine
timeshare Owners

Is There A Legitimate Way To Sell A Timeshare? Answer? Yes, Of course There Is!

Is There A Legitimate Way To Sell A Timeshare? Answer? Yes, Of course, There Is!

Timeshares give owners joint ownership in vacation properties, often in tropical hotspots like Hawaii or Florida. But on top of purchase costs, the properties typically come with annual maintenance fees anywhere from $500 to over $1,000 per year.

Whether the resort wasn’t the vacation paradise they intended or they simply couldn’t afford it anymore, many timeshare owners have struggled to unload properties they purchased during better financial times.

In 2018 there is no excuse for purchasing timeshare properties on the retail market. Timeshare resorts in the USA have millions of customers that have purchased timeshare deeded and point related properties over the last 30 years. There are thousands of timeshare properties that can be purchased for little or nothing and as little as $1.00. We have done it. Check out and Vacationownershipforless and Treetops for resales. You don’t have to purchase through a sales person in most cases. You deal directly with the owners association.

This has created fertile ground for scam artists, who charge thousands in upfront fees to help sell timeshare properties, but rarely facilitate actual sales, the Federal Trade Commission warns.

But you can unload a timeshare without getting stuck in a scam. Just be prepared to lose Continue reading “Is There A Legitimate Way To Sell A Timeshare? Answer? Yes, Of course There Is!”

Villa Rica CLUB WYNDHAM Timeshare Resort (RCI)

Enjoy southern hospitality at the Fairfield Plantation timeshare resort:


From this small-town retreat, you can enjoy fun-filled days of boating, fishing and water skiing, then unwind at night from the comfort of your resort condo.

Like this CLUB WYNDHAM vacation option? Check out the full list of resorts:

Curious about how CLUB WYNDHAM timeshare works? Explore the benefits


Other Points of View From Wyndham Timeshare Owners

More millennials are leaning towards timeshare travel!

Feb 28, 2018

Canadian Vacation Ownership Association (CVOA) has announced that timeshare is experiencing a global resurgence, appealing to a younger generation of buyer, who is more affluent. Well, we don’t know if this is true or not. It is coming from a bias point of view.  Click here to read the article.

We here at are sold on buying timeshare deeded weeks from previous owners on the resale market. We have purchased timeshare properties for as little as $1.00 and otherwise less than 10% on the dollar. Think about it. If you can purchase a deeded timeshare where the maintenance fee’s are less than $800 every year at a great resort, why would you not? It guarantees you and your family a vacation every year for less than you can rent a hotel or a resort accommodation.

Breezy Point Video – Great Timeshare Vacations 

Check out a couple of resorts where we own where you can buy for as little as 10 cents on the dollar or for $1.00. and VacationOwnerShipForLess


Westgate Resorts And How Points Creates Chaos! Customers Frustrations!

Westgate Resorts And How Points Creates Chaos

Image result for westgate vacation villas kissimmee

The look of frustration of a Westgate customer. We believe one of the reasons for these types of situations is Points vs deeded timeshare properties. Think about it. When can most families travel? Holidays, right?  We saw this first hand while at a Westgate resort several years back.  Because points give you the ability to use one or two days during the week or on week-ends and then check out after using one or two days the rooms or units have to be cleaned. So , if Westgate rents out two and three days during the week these units have to be cleaned before other customers check-in for their weekly rental or two or three day rental. With weekly exchanges only one cleaning is done.

With the purchase of deeded weeks we trade for weeks. With points a unit may have to be cleaned several times a week. Not an ideal situation. More wear and tear.

Why inheriting that beautiful timeshare can bust your wallet

Why inheriting that beautiful timeshare can bust your wallet

This is an excellent article along with all the other information we have here at Click here to read the article. 

It is almost impossible to go on a vacation with a family of 4 and  spend less than $2,000. That would include meals, travel and accomodations. But, in today’s market you can purchase a timeshare for as little as $1.00, which we have done. With 3 weeks of timeshare vacations every year, staying in 2-3 bedroom deeded timeshare property our maintenance fee’s total are less than $525 per week.

Think about it! You could pick up a timeshare week from one of those people willing to sell for less than $100 and have a great vacation at a fantastic resort this summer. Contact and and look over the deals they have and enjoy a summer or fall week for little or nothing.

See How Your Points Don’t Mean Crap!

Jan. 28, 2018

This is a personal opinion of the writer of this article, but is backed up by people writing comments at a popular timeshare magazine. Read the article. My wife and I do not own points and have written many times articles that it is nothing but a money making scheme for that corporation. You don’t own anything with points! It’s merely a membership club. Nothing more nothing less. 

How much is your home in points?

Timeshare owners of property in Fairmont, B.C. face massive bills that will skyrocket in a matter of weeks!

January 26, 2017

Image result for fairmont sunchaser northwynd resort

If you own at the Northwynd Sunchaser timeshare resort you are in for a big surprise. Ugh!

You can read the most recent information by Clicking Here.


Are You Curious About Sutherland Crossing Resort, A Timeshare Resort, Closing?

Image result for what happened to sutherland crossing resort


Are You Curious About Sutherland Crossing Resort, A Timeshare Resort, Closing? 

Information like this will help you make informed decisions.

We research, through all venues, timeshare resorts and any news about what is going on. Timeshare resorts can fail without a member controlled Board of Directors vs only a Developer Controlled Board of Directors. This is what happened if you are interested. Click Here for the information. 





Another Opinion From Someone Looking At Timeshare.


This is a well written article from the author who purchased his timeshare on the resale market. It’s worth your time if you are considering a deeded timeshare week. Check it out. 

Mention the word timeshare and many people will be looking for the nearest exit. Timeshare sales stir up memories of encounters disguised as free breakfasts in Mexico or presentations that were an unwelcome part of a discounted resort stay. Click here to read

Here are three places where we have purchased deeded timeshare properties from previous owners for 10 cents on the dollar or less., Breezy Point and directly from Treetops Resort in Missouri.

Storms like Hurricane Harvey of the past month will certainly create…

Storms like Hurricane Harvey of the past month will certainly create some special assessments on timeshare property owners who own timeshare properties on the east coast. With the economy like it is I am sure there will be some losers, not only for the resort itself but also some timeshare owners will find this an excuse to drop their timeshare ownership.

In all the years that my wife and I have owned deeded timeshare vacation property we have never experienced loss of a vacation week as a result of natural disasters, nor have we experience maintenance fee increases due to natural disasters.

Timeshare Ownership: What Happens in Case of Natural Disasters?

For those of you who are a part of timeshare ownership, you may have previously heard about certain areas of timeshare resorts being damaged or even completely leveled by natural disasters. Natural disasters are not always predicted far ahead of time and there are sometimes no way to protect or avoid damage from occurring to them. Disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and even earthquakes can uproot an entire area and you may be left without your timeshare. There are things that you will want to do and assist with after a natural disaster strikes your timeshare property.

What Happens if a Natural Disaster Causes Damage to my Timeshare?

When and if your timeshare property is struck by any natural disaster, you will have maintenance and special fees to pay. The resort depends on your help and money to carry out your part with any repairs that will need to be done to the timeshare property and units. The resort will estimate the cost of the damage done and your maintenance fees will increase and be split equally among all timeshare members at the resort that was damaged. It has been known that some people have had to pay $ 700 – $ 800 in single special assessment fees due to hurricane damage. Others have paid $ 259 per unit-week in special assessment fees to replace furnishings and unit remodeling. The cost will usually hinge on how much damage is done, how much ought to be fixed and replaced, and if the units are livable anymore. When entering timeshare ownership, it should be discussed with the resort owners.

Areas that are More Prone to Natural Disasters

Without a doubt, all timeshare properties in the Caribbean and island areas are always at more of a risk of being hit by a hurricanes. Hurricanes form and intensify over ocean regions, which make these islands more prone to being hit by these natural disasters. Another area that is at risk of hurricanes is Florida and through the gulf coast. Typically, hurricanes hit anywhere from Texas over to Florida and can strike anywhere up the east coast. Some rarely occur on the west coast, as well. Hurricanes are not the only natural disaster to be concerned about. On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by a terrible and devastating earthquake that caused severe damage to this island nation. Most properties were destroyed, as well as any timeshares that may have been located in the area. Tornadoes are also very prominent natural disasters which mostly occur in “Tornado Alley.” The states of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and South Dakota make up Tornado Alley. If buying a timeshare in any one of the areas where natural disasters are prone to occur, beware that damage is possible and can not always be avoided. There will be costs and fees that you will must pay, but that is part of belonging to a timeshare ownership resort.

Inheriting A Timeshare Property – Lots of Advice Available – Confusing At Most…

July 7th, 2017

Picture of a simple beneficiary deed for Missouri State

Inheriting A Timeshare Property – Lots of Advice Available – Confusing At Most…

First, we would recommend a Beneficiary Deed. Click here for information about that. 

But here we also suggest reading what others are saying about inheriting timeshare properties. Between what others are saying, our research, you should be able to make an intelligent decision. Read by clicking here. 



Bargain Basement Timeshare Resales Less Than $500.

June 24, 2017

OK. Why I am mentioning these properties “For Sale” by private sellers. Mostly to help them out. My wife and I purchased all 3 deeded timeshare weeks we own, many years ago, from people who not longer wished to travel or didn’t want to pay the maintenance fee’s any longer. They paid the retail prices, some as high as $24,000 for these deeded properties.

We see a lot of the sellers list either one bedroom units or points. We suggest you consider deeded property. The cost to buy would be a little higher with deeded timeshare because of the closing cost of recording your legal documents with the county. We paid $400 for a prime summer week and the seller paid the closing cost. We still use that 2 bedroom today as our summer getaway 2.5 miles from our home.

Consider buying close to home so you can use the resort facilities during the year other than one week a year.

Consider a two bedroom unit for family and friends.

Confirm with the resort that this is a current owner at that resort and is current with their maintenance fee’s. Do your research. Plenty of information here on our website.

OK. Click here for all the great bargains here.

Is RCI worth it?

Jun 07, 2017, 6:30 PM

A Customers Answer To RCI Points System

How did you sell your timeshare? We bought in Dec 2015 and have lost all of our vacations because there are never weeks open at the resorts we are interested in. I have never been more disappointed with a purchase in my life. I am desperately wanting to sell.

Our Answer To This Customer: 

I doubt it. My wife and I do not own points. We have 3 deeded specific weeks at 3 different resorts in the USA. We have never had a problem exchanging our 3 weeks to different resorts for different times through out the USA. But we have noticed in the last couple of years it takes longer to get an exchange. We are with (II) exchange. That change, we think, is because of the point system. Some of the resorts we have exchanged into are with both the RCI and the II exchange system. The points are taking up the weeks exchange because some people want only week-end exchange and some want only time during the week. That means the weeks are taken up by two families using the week rather than one family taking the week. It also affects the expense of exchangeing because it takes maintenance and maid service twice during the week rather than only once in the oringinal exchange concept when started over 20 years ago.

Another customers response to the RCI point system: 

Thank you for that info. I had no idea why RCI changed the way it did. We bought a week in Mexico in 1995 to expire in 30 years. The maintenance fees were something like $350. Now they have a new system with different values assigned to different resorts which peaked havoc in any plans we tried to make, with the result that some years we are unable to use the week at all. The exchange fees have gone way up and they nickel and dime you for everything now. The maintenance fees have gone up too, as could be expected, but they’re now upwards of $800. All in all, they have ruined what was a good concept for people like us who are not millionaires and don’t have unlimited free time. It’s very frustrating.

For more information Click Here:

What are the financial benefits of buying a timeshare?

May 8, 2017

This question was asked by someone on the forum board and there were some good comments. But the one that stood out the most was buying re-sale.  We own 3 deeded timeshare properties.  Click here for Forum Board

Buying points cannot be justified no matter how good t timeshare salesman explains it. It is not deeded real estate. It’s a money maker for the big boys selling timeshare today.

Should you get a timeshare? Fans love them but some will sell you their interest for a penny – Excellent Article!

Current Article Why Some People Will Sell Their Timeshares For As Little As One Penny

Latest Travel Options You Should Check Today

Timeshare Bankruptcy – Provincetown – Bad Management & Oversight Of Operations Manager

Another Timeshare Bankruptcy – Sad!

 Images & Photo’s of Resort


Compare This Management to Izaty’s  Dec.  2016 Annual Meeting

Timeshare vacations work for some, but others regret purchase

Timeshare vacations work for some, but others regret purchase …
2 days ago You may be able to rent your block of time if you can’t use it, although some
contracts may not permit this and some exchange services charge …

Choice Hotels launches vacation-rentals division: Travel Weekly

Choice Hotels launches vacation-rentals division: Travel Weekly
19 hours ago Choice Hotels International has launched a vacationrentals division to compete
with companies such as Airbnb and HomeAway. Vacation …

Timeshare Points – Simple Example…

Timeshare Points – Simple Example

Let’s take an example of one spring/summer week we purchased on the resale market. The previous owner was a 2nd owner. We were the 3rd owner. We purchased the two bedroom deeded timeshare week for only $400. The owner we purchased the week from owned it for 10 years and paid $10,000. So, we got a beautiful week, right on the golf course at Breezy Point International Resort here in Minnesota. Click here for a photo of our unit that we use every year.

Now, let’s look at how it might have been sold in the point system instead of the deeded week system. All kinds of things are considered, so we will try to give you an example.

1. Points is considered on whether it is an efficient or one bedroom or two bedroom.
2. Points is considered based the time of year, winter demand, summer and fall demand.
3. Points will not give you the same unit each year you wish to use.
4..Points will not consider in a 52 week year how many owners will be sold.
Example: In deeded timeshare weeks usually only 51 owners will be sold. One week is left open for maintenance
5. Using points as an example for this one week. There could be maybe 500 or more owners depending how many points they purchased based on the time of year, resort highest demand week and lowest demand week one bedroom two bedroom unit etc, etc. You will never know how many buyers were showed a beautiful timeshare unit and sold points based on what was showed by the sales representative.

So, my point.
The point system oversells the number of people per week and costs more money to the timeshare buyers. You also must pay maintenance fee’s, just like a deeded week owner, every year based on the cost of your points.

Would you like to check out how you can purchase a resale timeshare deeded week at Breezy Point International for less than it would take to rent a timeshare week, this year, at Breezy Point. Click here.

Hey, look it’s a timeshare buyers club don’t you think?

Wyndham’s Timeshare Vacation Exchanges…An Explanation Of How It Works!

Question? If you own so many points in which resort worldwide do you specifically own? That would be a question to ask the salesperson when you attend a sales presentation, right? A deeded fixed week gives you a title to a certain resort and a certain time, which you can exchange to other resorts in the exchange system. Click here to see the difference.
Under Wyndham’s vacation exchange service, participants are given the opportunity to exchange properties at a different location for a specific period. Wyndham’s exchange service assigns a value to the interval surrendered by the owner, depending on the amenities in the property, location, duration, and timing, and makes money by charging a fixed annual fee as well as a charge for facilitating the exchange.

RCI, the 3.8 million-member strong vacation exchange arm of Wyndham Worldwide, has over 4,500 vacation ownership resorts spread across 100 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, Southern Africa, the Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East regions.

Wyndham’s rentals

Wyndham Rentals is the world’s largest vacation rental company based on its number of properties. Wyndham Vacation Rentals has over 103,000 properties registered, of which 94,000 are registered in Europe alone.

This service connects vacation properties to leisure travelers. Vacation property may include the following:

1.vacation ownership
2.traditional hotel rooms, cottages, and chalets apartments and second homes
5.fractional resorts and private residence clubs

Breaking News! Timeshare Scam Letter…

Author of
Author of

Well, we finally got our timeshare scam letter this month. It was addressed to me and said, ” You now qualify for a permanent Maintenance Fee elimination.

All of your future Timeshare Maintenance bills may be permanently eliminated. Some restrictions may apply.

We have attempted contacting you previously without success. If you prefer to continue making a Maintenance Fee payments, please disregard this notice. We cannot guarantee qualification unless you contac us prior to May 21, 2015.

Association Management Department

Call 888-755-7904″

Note: We have 3 deeded weeks of timeshare property. I wonder how they got our mailing address? Hmmmm! Well we decided to do an Internet search for the address that was given us. Here is the building and street view of the Washington, DC address.

We found this website called with lots of comments.

Of, course my letter goes into the shredder now. We report you decide.

How Do Timeshares Work The question is; how do time shares work, the following is a short review on that subject.

Many folks go on family vacations and also want to receive the most out of their own really hard earned dollar, so quite a few contemplate acquiring a timeshare as an investment. While in fact, incredibly few people will be able to make any money with a timeshare.

When you realize what a timeshare is, you will certainly understand a substantial portion of the how do timeshares work.

First a little trivia. The idea of timeshares originated in the 1970s in France. It ended up being a developer of rental accommodations in the Alps which chose to sell shares in his vacation resort instead of renting out the suites, which worked well.

Buying a timeshare you are actually paying for ownership in that unit or property. Usually you will find fifty-two shares per unit/property which represents 1 share for each week within the year. The most popular purchase is a deeded purchase, this means you possess ownership in that resort unit. Nonetheless, there are non-deeded purchases also acknowledged as right-to-use, certificate or vacation-interval timeshares.

The particular price of the timeshare is impacted by various criteria, however there are actually 3 that are regarded to have the most significant impact on the price; size of the unit, the week of the year and the area. Don’t forget, this is a real estate transaction, so you not only have the cost of the property, you have all the related costs; closing cost, recording fees, and so on. The cost of ownership does not stop there, you are going to additionally have annual maintenance costs which are normally between $300 to $400 and may go much higher based upon on the property. Maintenance fees are to cover the Continue reading “How Do Timeshares Work”

ACTION LINE: Time-share troubles over for Stoney Creek couple….Finally A Happy Ending

ACTION LINE: Time-share troubles over for Stoney Creek couple
3 days ago A Stoney Creek couple contacted the Spectator after they say they failed in their
efforts to dump their timeshare, or give it back to the resort.

Fire closes Dyserth Falls in North Wales – Sharetime Magazine
A fire in a timeshare lodge in Dyserth Falls has resulted in the closure of the
resort in North … ACTION LINE: Time-share troubles over for Stoney Creek
couple …

Solution for Timeshare advert ruled misleading – Sharetime Magazine
The ASA has ruled that an advert by Solution for Timeshare is misleading. …
ACTION LINE: Time-share troubles over for Stoney Creek couple – InsideHalton.

Grand Lodge Waterpark Resort (Rothschild, WI) – Hotel Reviews …
Grand Lodge Waterpark Resort, Rothschild: See 164 traveler reviews, … We
arrived at noon and proceeded to wait in line for 20 min for our water park passes
…20 min…that’s a long time. … we will take immediate action on those subjects
over which we have control. …. Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center –

Action Park – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Since Intrawest was a ski resort corporation, the water park would be leased out
to Palace Entertainment after the first couple of years. As a result of problems at
the original Action Park, New Jersey toughened its amusement regulations. …
When Intrawest took over the park and renamed it Mountain Creek in spring 1998
, …

Time-share troubles over for Stoney Creek couple
Hamilton Spectator, on Tue, 14 Apr 2015 00:41:25 -0700
Before contacting Action Line late last year, the Farruggias say they failed in their efforts to dump their time-share, or give it back to the resort. They did not want to sell it. As we originally reported Nov. 26, 2014, the couple purchased their

Timeshare Property and Its Benefits-2015

Whenever you plan your winter or summer vacations, you
should consider buying timeshares. These are units
that are bought for a specific period of time, the
most common of which are weekly timeshares, but you
may also extend that period. There are a lot of things
you can do on this kind of unit. You may, of course,
share this with your relatives or friends. But Continue reading “Timeshare Property and Its Benefits-2015”

Timeshare Taxes, Assessments, Advice and Links To Consider


Timeshare Taxes, Assessments,To Consider

One thing a person does not think about when in a timeshare sales presentation.

How are the taxes and assessments determined?

Example: We purchased a Memorial Week, 2 bedroom, 2 bath timeshare at Breezy Point International here in Minnesota from a private party for only $400. The sellers organically paid $9,000 for this Memorial week 10 yrs earlier.
They lived close to the resort and because they lived close to the resort, within 1 mile, used that week for exchanging to other RCI affiliated resorts around the USA.

Because they lived close to the resort and owned a deeded week they were also able to use the resort facilities either free or at discounted rates. Their deeded ownership was similar to a having a fitness club membership. The privilege of using the resort facilities anytime.

That, is also the reason we purchased their resale market week that we found on the Internet for only $400. We live only 3.5 hours away and we look forward to using that week in the spring and early summer every year.

What we didn’t think about was how the taxes were pro-rated for that week in this 4 unit building. It was not a big deal. We are billed through the timeshare association when they receive the taxes for that building every year. Our assessed taxes for that Memorial week deeded timeshare are only $24.

Now, assume we were sold on the Points System I don’t have the answer as to how the taxes are assessed. I assume if it is a RCI points system that somehow the taxes are billed into the monthly maintenance fee. But think about this, “How many points were sold in that same unit”?

In a deeded week situation 51 weeks in this 4 unit building would come out to 204 owners in the association.
one of them. Never the same unit.

The question still remains, “How are your timeshare points used to determine your timeshare taxes each year. There is no definite answer.

That’s why we like “deeded timeshare vacation property.” We know exactly what unit we own  and how we are assessed and the taxes are determined every year.
With the “Point” system thousands and thousands of points would be sold and you would never own a particular deeded week. In fact, when you would book a Memorial Week at this resort you could end up in another timeshare unit at the resort. There are 11 associations at this resort and you may end up in any one of them. Never the same unit.

The question still remains, “How are your timeshare points used to determine your timeshare taxes each year. There is no definite answer.

That’s why we like “deeded timeshare vacation property.” We know exactly what unit we own t and how we are assessed and the taxes are determined every year.

Additional Links About Timeshare taxes & assessments below

Florida Statutes 192.037 – Fee timeshare real property; taxes

Florida Statutes 192.037 – Fee timeshare real property; taxes and assessments; escrow

Florida Statutes 192.037 – Fee timeshare real property; taxes and assessments; escrow. … (10) In making his or her assessment of timeshare real property, …Timeshare tax assessment: price versus market value. – Free …
Free Online Library: Timeshare tax assessment: price versus market value. by “Appraisal Journal”; Business Real estate industry Tax assessment Methods …

Nolo Press – Can a Timeshare Be Foreclosed for Nonpayment of Fees or …
If you purchase a timeshare, you will ordinarily be responsible for maintenance fees, special assessments, utilities, and taxes pertaining to the property.

Can a Timeshare Be Foreclosed for Nonpayment of Fees or …
If you own a timeshare and don’t pay maintenance fees, special assessments,
utilities, or taxes, the timeshare association can foreclosure.

Title 33, §593: Taxation of time-share estates – Maine Legislature
Each time-share estate must be separately assessed and taxed. … time-share
estate owners for the purpose of paying taxes assessed on time-share estates.

Don’t Forget to List These Taxes You Can Deduct | Fox Business
Oct 4, 2012 Most of us remember to list property taxes and taxes paid to the … Any
assessments that are not deductible should be added to the basis of your
property. …

taxes against accommodations of the time-share property shall be excluded in …

Oahu taxesTimeshare Users Group Forums
Oahu taxes US – Hawaii … For property taxation Maui County has a classification system. Timeshares are in one property tax class; hotels are in another class.

New Property Tax Classification for Timeshare Could Raise …
What does this mean for you as an Oahu based timeshare owner? Higher taxes are in your … Hawaii property tax assessments are already among the highest of any …

Maui Timeshare | HBiz Blog
Hawaii’s timeshare industry appears to have dodged a bullet this year, when the Legislature, … Jason Gamel, maui timeshare, timeshare assessment, timeshare taxes.

Check Out “Timesharing Today” – Keep Current!

Check Out “Timesharing Today” – Keep Current!

This is a must have magazine if your own timeshare vacation properties or are thinking of purchasing a Timeshare on either the resale market or the retail market.

My wife and I have suscribed for many years and it is well worth it. Stayed tuned to the market. It’s no different than keeping track of your retirement or investment funds. Things change all the time.

Timesharing today – Click Here

ABC News Beware of Timeshare Assessment fees By

Note: One of the things that new buyers of timeshare units overlook is the annual maintenance fee’s. The timeshare salespeople avoid getting into this usually because the first day offer usually includes the maintenance fee’s the first year.

Here’s how it works. At almost all timeshare resorts, including the 3 resorts where my wife and I own, the maintenance fee’s come due in Dec, at the end of each year, payable for the following year before you use it. That’s a tough time of year to have maintenance come due for the next year. With Christmas and New Years and expenses during those months it can be hard to come up with all 3 timeshare weeks maintenance fee’s.

So, this is what we did. We contacted each resort and asked if we could pay our maintenance fee’s monthly one year in advance instead of paying in January of each year. All three resorts agreed to our maintenance fee’s being paid monthly. So, we budget $135 per month for next years timeshare vacations. By Dec. 30th of each year, or sooner, our vacations are paid for.

Our timeshare coffee budget plan. Click Here. We specialize in Timeshare Relief, or Timeshare Cancellation. We have successfully helped people out of RCI, Wyndham, Disney, Hilton, and mo…


Wyndham’s Grand Desert Resort Las Vegas – Presidential Suite – Read The Comments

Wyndham Grand Las Vegas

Make sure you read the comments of previous owners before you make a decision to trade. Even though it is a Wyndham Timeshare Resort in Las Vegas, it does not make it the best if they have not kept up with the times. 

Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -




Timeshare Rentals Through Craigslist!

Timeshare Rentals Through Craigslist! 

All we can say is use caution. We have purchased hard goods through Craig’s List but have never rented or looked for timeshare accommodations. It’s like anything else in this high tech day and age. Be careful.  We are including some Craig’s links  that might help. 

Some idea’s maybe:

Here is an idea. It’s one we took advantage of.   My wife and I were looking at a online magazine called “” that we subscribe to. In the magazine we found a timeshare owner willing to sell his deeded week at a 5 Star Resort here in Minnesota for only $400 and no closing cost to us. It was a prime summer week, just when most schools are letting out kids for the summer. The seller paid $8,900 many years earlier and had used the week for exchanging all over the U.S. They were now willing just to let it go.

We purchased this deeded and titled memorial timeshare week for $400 60 days prior to the week to be used. All the closing was done prior to the vacation week and we were able to use our own 2 bedroom sleep 8 unit at this 5 Star resort and have enjoyed it every year since.

So, look for buyers willing to sell for little or nothing and make an offer.

1. Ask for details, resort ownership, points ownership, who owns the property and can it be verified through the resort.

2. What is the rental price, does it include WiFi, sales taxes, resort charges etc,etc.

3. Could you rent through the resorts association, what would it cost. Is there a phone # to verify the rental through the resort>

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Time Share Investment No Vacation –

News Graphic

Time Share vacation properties is not for everyone. Millions of timeshare owners have purchased timeshare vacation properties all over the world. Millions have used and enjoyed this type of vacation travel. My wife and I have 3 weeks of deeded timeshare property and we love this type of vacation. 

Click Here to see our story.

We purchased all 3 weeks on the resale market. We budget our maintenance fees monthly for these 3 weeks of vacation every year.

Click here on how we solved our maintenance fee budget.

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Newington Couple Learns The Downside Of Travel Club….

Newington Couple Learns The

Downside Of Travel Club….


If you’ve read any of our articles, you know where we stand. We own 3 deeded timeshare weeks and we love our timeshare vacations. We have expressed our opinion about RCI’s point system. We do not like points.

We prefer the old fashion timeshare concept of owning 7 days of vacation and exchanging for 7 days of vacation somewhere else.

Unfortunately, the couple in the article below were convinced to trade in a deeded timeshare week for points. So sad!

We have been pitched the same idea at several resorts. We definitely do not want points. You don’t own anything.

Please read the article below and stay informed about this type of sales pitch.



Newington Couple Learns The Downside Of Travel Club
October 25, 2013
By George Gombossy

Marilyn Lennehan and her husband Jim were enjoying their La Cabana timeshare six years ago in Aruba when they heard a presentation from a BlueGreen Vacation Club representative.

His spiel of how they could be vacationing for free all over the United States and in Europe was enticing.

“They told us we would not be stuck in one place,” Marilyn recalled.

The two seniors were so impressed that they turned their timeshare over to BlueGreen and paid an additional $6,500 to become a member of the vacation club.

Unlike their traditional timeshare in Aruba where they were given a deeded week at the resort, BlueGreen provides its members with points which are used to book vacations at its resorts or with exchanges that accept the BlueGreen club points.

The following year – instead of Europe or resorts in the US – the couple used their points to return to La Cabana for another week’s vacation.

That was the last time the Newington couple was able to use BlueGreen resorts as Jim started having major health issues and was unable to travel.

The fact that the two seniors were unable to use their points did not eliminate their responsibility to annually pay hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees.

The maintenance fees for this year – due in November – is $1,074 according to the couple.

Jim Lennehan’s health further deteriorated this year and Marilyn has been trying to convince BlueGreen to take back their membership as they are unable to use it.

“I have talked to them until I was blue in the face,” Marilyn told me, but the company is not interested in taking back the membership and thereby eliminating the yearly maintenance fee. BlueGreen did not respond to requests for response.

They are not alone. Hundreds of other BlueGreen Vacation Club members are also trying to get out from their annual maintenance fee and return their memberships.

Largo Florida Attorney Michael Finn – whose law firm business is largely built on getting timeshare owners out of their obligations – has represented about 250 BlueGreen club owners over the past few years and has 50 pending cases.

Finn last Spring filed a suit against BlueGreen as well as two credit reporting agencies challenging negative credit reports in cases where members had stopped making maintenance payments.

Finn represented four couples. He said BlueGreen and the credit reporting agencies falsely claimed that his clients had defaulted on their timeshares.

Since the timeshares consisted of only club points – instead of deeded property – Finn maintained that there were no defaults in these cases.

The suit has since been settled under a confidentiality agreement.

“My clients are pretty happy,” Finn said adding that under the agreement he could not provide specific information about the settlement.

Finn, who has no love for the timeshare industry, said he charges $3,500 to get timeshare owners out of their contracts.

He said he has leverage against timeshare companies with the threat of suing them for deceptive sales practices.

In most cases consumers lose when they purchase a timeshare, Finn said. “Within a year or two after the purchase the maintenance fees are so great” that it’s cheaper for consumers to simply pay for a vacation instead of using a timeshare, he said.

More than 500 consumers have also filed complaints against BlueGreen with the Better Business Bureau.

The complaints include deceptive sales pitches, unavailability of units, and difficulty in cancelling reservations.

BlueGreen denied to the BBB that its representatives engaged in deceptive sales tactics and they agreed to improve their services. BlueGreen also said that the number of complaints were small compared to the number if club memberships it has sold.

However, the BBB said in July that it reviewed complaints against BlueGreen and found the same pattern of complaints.