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For more than two years, the National Timeshare Owners Association has been working on solving the issues of timeshare transfer fraud. *This is also known as the “Viking Ship” model, whereby a company dissolves after intentionally taking on significant liability with no assets or efforts to offset the maintenance debt associated with the transfer of the timeshare.

To date, millions of dollars in lost maintenance fees to timeshare owner associations have burdened the remaining… owners which has many resorts dealing with major budget shortfalls and passing emergency assessments and additional unexpected increases in maintenance.

As a leader in the timeshare community, we seek to protect our fellow owners which represent the association roster of owners at our resorts.

Today we are taking another step towards solving an issue that has grown to a critical level.

NTOA attorneys are now working on litigation to fight these predators and we need your help.
If you have been victimized as an owner, association or management company, contact us for information related to a class action. We can no longer tolerate fraudulent transfer activity. Call (844) ASK NTOA to register your information today!

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