Poor Timeshare Management – Broken Promises – Board Of Directors Should Have Been Fired…

Author of Timesharefun.com
Author of Timesharefun.com

In all the years we have owned 3 deeded weeks of timeshare at 3 different resorts we have never had it as bad as these owners at Pepper Tree Atlantic. You would think, if you were using your week every year that you would have noticed the disrepair and lack of attention to the resorts maintenance. We certainly would have, and we would have mentioned it to the staff and attended the annual meetings and voiced conern.

In this case it’s to late for a lot of timeshare owners after receiving this letter:

Dear Peppertree Atlantic Beach II Homeowners,

Recently, due to the situation occurring within

Peppertree Atlantic Beach I, your board of directors hired an engineer and architect to inspect the
stairwells and walkways surrounding buildings 15-25 and prepared a report outlining any necessary
repair work and the feasibility of repair versus replacement of those structures. This report detailed the
current deficiencies within those structures that will need to be repaired or replaced to bring the
structures up to current building codes. Unfortunately, during the process of working with the
engineers on a plan, the Town of Atlantic Beach building inspector became aware of the situation and
obtained a copy of this report. While there was nothing in the report stating the buildings are currently
unsafe (a point reinforced by the architect to the Town in an email), this report was used by the Town
building inspector against the association and on Monday, July 20, the Town building inspector posted
“unsafe” notices around the buildings to begin the condemnation process on those structures. To be
clear this is only on the stairs and walkways and not the actual buildings. The Association has appealed
the Town’s decision.

Unfortunately, complicating what is already a very difficult situation is the general liability insurance for
the Association. Due to the many easements that exist between the associations for the common areas,
the three associations have shared one general liability policy. As a result of the posting by the Town
building inspector the insurance company exercised its right to issue a 30-day cancellation notice. We
have been told by our insurance broker that it will be nearly impossible to get a new policy as long as
the noticed buildings are occupied. The Associations cannot run the risk of not having general liability
insurance as this would be devastating to all three associations as this point. To ensure that a new
policy will be obtained the board of directors has made the extremely difficult decision to close buildings
15-25 effective August 17. We will not be able to honor any existing reservations from that day until the
stairs and walkways are repaired or replaced.

This decision was not taken lightly
and we have exhausted every avenue to remain open while we work
on a plan with our engineer. Unfortunately, the insurance situation alone forces the closure of those
buildings. We understand the impact this has on your planned vacations and we are deeply saddened
by this set of circumstances.

At this time we do not have the complete report from the engineer
to determine the scope of work,
timeline and cost for the project. We hope to have that report in the next 30-45 days. Once we have a
completed study and an approved plan we will share that with the members of the association.
Your board of directors is dedicated to the safety of our owners and the long-term enjoyment of the

Your Board of Directors


The Board of Directors didn’t include their name or email address either.

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