The Flaws of RCI Points – Our Opinion

The Flaws of RCI Points – Our Personal Opinion

Let’s start with the original concept of timeshare.

  1. You buy one or more deeded weeks of vacation at a resort that appeals to you.
  2. You purchased timeshare either to use at that particular resort or for the ability to exchange to another resort of equal value. One week for one week. Very simple!

Along come resort points

  1. Now along comes points years after the original concept.
  • A deeded club concept wherein you own points (meaning what?). Now you can’t use the same unit you saw when you took a tour of the resort where you purchased points. You will get a unit on the resort based on the number points you purchased.

  • It throws the simple concept of one week for one week into the salesmen’s spin zone. For example: You can now trade your points towards a cruise, airline tickets use a portion of their Points for discounts on products such as airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, and more What ?????

    Our Opinion:

  • My wife and I own 3 deeded timeshare weeks at 3 different timeshare resorts. The total cost for all 3 weeks on the resale market was less than $3,400. In other words we have 3 wonderful weeks of timeshare vacations every year. We know exactly what we are getting. In our case we own 3 weeks and can use these weeks at our resorts or at any other timeshare resort we can exchange into through Interval International. Points mean nothing to us and never will.

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