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Timeshare Beware! An ABC News


We love our timeshare vacation properties. Just so you know.

But we also want you to understand that timeshare vacation ownership is not for everyone. Let’s start thinking about timeshare in a situation in which you are not the purchaser.

Suppose you were given a “free” deeded timeshare vacation week at a resort you liked and which with you were familiar. The questions you should ask yourself are, “How much is my annual maintenance fee? Am I willing to pay that each year and will the maintenance fees go up over a period of time?” If the maintenance fees are in the average of the $600 range, are you willing to pay $50 per month to have a guaranteed vacation every year at that location for that amount of money? If the idea of vacationing with timeshare ownership appeals to you, and you are ready to buy a timeshare yourself, then you may want to do as we did, and find a timeshare owner from that resort who wants to sell his timeshare on the

Resale Market

You might want to first watch this ABC News video about buyer beware by Clicking Here!

You can buy timeshare vacation property, like we did, for little or nothing by Clicking Here!

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Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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