Timeshare Points – Think About It – Seriously…..

August 21, 2017

We wish people would take some time and just think. Timeshare Points.

 Why does the idea of timeshare points so intrigue people when they sit at a table with a timeshare salesman?

Why would you have to sign a whole pile of legal documents in fine print regarding Timeshare Points?

Why do you have to pay maintenance fee’s on Points?

Note:  The purchase of points is nothing but (air). It’s a travel club and (in our opinion) nothing more. Also, you will find you will have to purchase more points as time goes on and your maintenance fee’s on points will continue to go higher. 

Wouldn’t you rather pay for a titled deeded property on the Resale Market

Check out 3 timeshare resorts where you can buy a deeded week with lots of amenities for as little as $1.00. We own a deeded week at each of the following resorts and have enjoyed using our week or exchanging our week for the last 16 yrs. They offer points also, but we have never subscribed to that concept and never will. 

  1. Treetops Tiimeshare Resort – Missouri
  2. The Village At Izaty’s – Minneota
  3. Breezy Point International.com and VacationOwnershipForLess.com
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