Minnesota Timeshare “For Sale” And “Vacation Ownership For Less”

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Minnesota Timeshare “For Sale” And “Vacation Ownership For Less”

First, let us explain, we own one deeded timeshare week at Breezy Point International at Breezy Point, Minnesota. I don’t believe the “Vacation Ownership For Less” program was in existence at the time that we purchased our “Memorial Day WeeK” from the previous owner for only $400 (Click Here To See Our Unit) and the maintenance fee was already paid.

We have been to several annual timeshare owner meetings. The 5 or so board members at Breezy Point are owners in our 4 unit timeshare building as well and have volunteered to make sure that our maintenance fees are used responsibly. The maintenance fees have remained very stable over the last 4 years.

Our maintenance fees are approximately $635 per year. We budget $53 monthly one year in advance and have next year’s vacation paid for by the time Dec. 31 rolls around every year.

We look forward to our “Memorial Week” vacation every year. As timeshare owners, we have use of the entire resort facility and discounted services for which there may be a fee.

We are also entitled to use the facilities anytime of the year at discounted rates or for “free”.

Here’s what we are getting at: “Vacation Ownership For Less” is licensed to handle several RCI & II timeshare resorts in Minnesota.

They will only sell a timeshare if the seller is not behind on the maintenance fees and the company will handle the closing process. Here are some testimonials of satisfied timeshare sellers and buyers. Click Here.

We are advocates of timeshare resales. We purchased all 3 on the resale market and paid only 10 cents on the dollar.

Here are seller listings at “Vacation Ownership For Less”< /a> that may be of interest to your family. The maintenance fees will vary.

So, our question to every family looking for an annual vacation every year here in Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, or South Dakota. Is a monthly maintenance fee of anywhere from $50 to $70 worth it to you to have a place at this fabulous resort? We believe so. Check it out by clicking here.

Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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