Tree Top Village, Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri (II) – We Love It!

Tree Top Village, Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri (II)

Below is a picture of our timeshare unit at Tree Top Village in in Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri. We love the view and have owned this unit for about 12 years.

Treetop Village, Timeshare - Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri (II)
Treetop Village Timeshare – Lake of the Ozarks (II)

This is an example of a deeded timeshare property we purchased at 10 cents on the dollar from a previous owner. We purchased this high demand, summer, deeded week from a retired military officer who lived in Canada and who had owned it for about 20 years. He purchased it many years earlier and used its exchange privileges all over the world while he was in the military.

We liked the resort so much when we exchanged into the resort from another deeded timeshare property, so we stopped at the association’s office while we were vacationing there. We asked the office employees if anyone had a summer week “for sale”. We contacted the owner in Canada and within 30 days we closed the ownership transfer.

Since it is a high demand summer week, week we have never had any problems exchanging into other II resorts all over the United States. Within the last 12 years, We have only used our deeded week twice at Tree Top Village. Click Here for Images of: treetop village lake of the ozarks

If you have an interest in possibly purchasing a deeded timeshare week from this excellent 5 star rated Interval International affiliated resort, contact the resort office here just like we did 12 years ago. The staff is excellent, the resort is well-maintained, and the annual maintenance fee can vary between $35 per month to $50 or more depending on the size unit you are interested in. Also, this is a great place for kids.

When you contact Tree Top Village, tell them that Cary & Elaine of sent you.

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  1. We have used our own resort at Tree Top Village exactly 2 times during our 19 yrs of ownership. We love the resort because it is well managed, the maintenance fee’s are under $400 and they do not rent to the general public. One of the reasons the maintenance fee’s are low. They do rent to Interval International members only. Because we own a prime summer week which we purchased from an existing owner years and years ago, the trading power to other II resorts is always the best trade. It is a high demand resort in a high demand location which makes the trading power easy.

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