The Village At Izaty’s – Minnesota Timeshare Resort (II)

Hello everyone, We are back home from visiting several timeshare resorts in Oregon. We will bring up posts about our observations of those timeshare resorts shortly.

Today, Oct. 29, 2014,

The Village at Izaty’s here in Minnesota.

For the first 10 years of ownership of our timeshare deeded week at the Village at Izaty’s, we used the week we own for exchanging to other timeshare resorts within the Interval International exchange system.

We exchanged into Interval International and dual registered RCI timeshare resorts. These were resorts we would not ever have been able to afford and vacation in, had we not been timeshare owners. Since we owned timeshare properties, they were the best vacations we could have ever had with our family over the last 13 years.

Of course, it was because we were given a $9,000 timeshare deeded property for “free” from a friend. The deeded week was fully paid for by this friend but it was not working for their family.

A personal point of view regarding the usage of our week at this time of year. It is not the prettiest time of year. The colorful leaves of fall are pretty much gone. The view from our timeshare living room of the golf course is vacant of golfers. It’s a quiet week where you can relax inside by the fireplace and let the coldness of winter begin. A view from inside of our unit looking outside is here.

As a timshare owner at The Village at Izaty’s, for the last 3 years, we have been using our fall week for an early Thanksgiving get together with our kids and our grandchildren. The rest of the week my wife and I sit by the fireside reading books and spending time together. The resort is only 3.5 hrs east from our home. Perfect for us!

The check-in building is owned by the timeshare owners and managed by our association. The association is made up of all the timeshare owners who own timeshare deeded weeks at the resort. We usually try to attend the annual board of directors meeting every year. It is very well managed. If you are a timeshare owner, the annual meeting is on Sunday Dec. 6 at 1:00 p.m in the clubhouse. Join us, it is well worth finding out about your resort and its functions as an association. The meeting is well run and lasts only about one hour.

It is usually quiet at that time of year at the resort. But it is perfect because our kids and the grandchildren live only 90 miles south of the resort on Hwy 169 north of Mpls-St.Paul, Minnesota. It is one time of the year that we are all able to get together except for one daughter in Oregon, but we just came back from visiting with her. However, last year she surprised us by showing up for our early Thanksgiving.

The club house is large, and if you want to exercise you can do it inside and have a nice view overlooking the golf course. The club house also has a pool table, a movie room, and some arcade games the youngsters always enjoy. The resort has throughout the club house and in all the timeshare units, No charge. unlike some timeshare resorts we have mentioned Internet connections.

The “Grand Casino” at Mille Lacs is about 10 miles to the North and we do spend a few hours of entertainment there during the week.


Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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