Timeshare Resales – Why Does This Make Sense To My Wife and Me?

Timeshare Resales – Why does this make sense To My Wife and Me!

We purchased all 3 deeded timeshare vacation properties at 10 cents on the dollar. That’s 3 vacation weeks every year, either in the deeded weeks we own or exchanging to other 5 Star rated timeshare resorts. Two of these vacation weeks are within 3.5 hrs of our home. All 3 deeded weeks were purchased over a 13 year period of time.

One was given to us from someone who could no longer use his property and was willing to give it away. The Village at Izaty’s. That person had paid $8,800 originally. We used that deeded week over the last 10 years for exchanging to other timeshare resorts. It was fantastic. We exchanged into 5 star vacation properties that we could never have afforded without being a timeshare owner.

We liked the very first exchange into Tree Top Village in the Ozarks. After investigating available units from that resort office, we found one available from a longtime timeshare owner at that resort. This prime summer- season deeded week was just $3,000 11 years ago. No salesman was involved. The resort association instructed us what to do to complete the purchase. That was our 2nd timeshare purchase.

Our 3rd deeded timeshare week, we love,because the resort is only 3 hrs from our home. We are able to use the resort facilites anytime, year
around. We found this “Memorial Week” at Breezy Point, MN timeshare while we were researching on the Internet through Tug2.net and other online sites. We could not believe it. The price for this deeded timeshare was a measly $400. Check it Out by Clicking Here.> A ‘Memorial Day week” deeded vacation from someone who wanted to sell and had purchased it 10 years earlier for $9,900. After having made good use of it, he was now ready to sell for only $400. We called immediately.

This is the situation with timeshare properties in today’s market. The resale market comes from owners who have enjoyed their properties, but life’s events change. They are willing to sell their timeshare properties for little or nothing.

So, does it make sense to buy timeshare in a high pressure on-site timeshare market?
In our opinion, you are then throwing away your money. Check out the links we have included and see what you can purchase for little or nothing. In our next post, we will explain why timeshare IS very affordable when purchasing on the re-sale market for little or nothing.

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