Timeshare WiFi Charges – Be Prepared

Timeshare WiFi Charges – Be Prepared

Westgate Resorts, BransonWoods

If you are exchanging to timeshare resorts other than your own, do some homework if you plan to take your iPad or computers along. Call the resorts beforehand and ask about Internet charges.

More and more timeshare owners today use their computers for uploading pictures or taking care of personal business while on their vacations.

Others, like us, use them to keep the timeharefun website updated while on vacation. It’s easier for us to do these tasks daily rather than waiting until we get home.

Forgetting to ask about Wireless Internet before arriving at resorts we checked into, we found the charges to be surprisingly high.

For example, we checked into Branson Woods in June this summer and asked about Internet charges. We were surprised to discover they were in the $40 range for 7 days. We had no choice because it’s essential for us to have internet access. The timeshare unit we checked into in the picture below was about 5-6 blocks away from the office.

The Internet in our timeshare unit did not work properly. So, during the week we went up to the main check-in area and were able to use the wireless Internet there since we had paid for the service.

Fortunately we had our scooter along for running back and forth. We did mention this to the main check-in person as we were leaving. No problem, she credited us the money back.

In Colorado, we were charged $21.95 for 3 days at Grand Timber Lodge. When at Cancun Resort in Las Vegas, we were not advised about Internet until after we checked into the resort and it was a 3 day charge of $21.95.

So, don’t forget to ask before you check into the timeshare resorts about Internet charges that may or may not apply.

Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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