Tips For Surviving a Timeshare Presentation

Oct. 19, 2017

Listening to a timeshare vacation while on vacation

If you want to survive a timeshare presentation, make sure to keep this in mind.

Go ahead and take the freebie.

If you have ever been on a nice vacation at a really great resort, there’s a good chance that someone has invited you to come and sit through a presentation.

The people who put up these timeshare presentations rely on the law of averages (which, by the way, is quite often on their side). Next time you get offered a gift during a timeshare presentation, go ahead and take it.

Buying a timeshare means getting money out of your wallet to pay the company that offers it.

Even if you don’t buy or promise to buy anything, don’t feel guilty. You’re not actually taking away a huge cost from these salespeople because the freebies are part of their marketing strategy and are already factored into the costs of producing the presentation.

Remember that when you buy a timeshare, you’re actually buying a long-term investment. And since most of the advantages of buying a timeshare rides on how regularly you or someone you know takes a vacation, you might not really want a timeshare because you don’t really need it.

Before you take a vacation, try to research about any possible timeshare presentations that you might come across with while you’re at the resort. That way, you’ll find one that offers you the best opportunity at a schedule that is the most convenient for you. Is it to browse available real property for future purchase or maybe you just want to sit through it so you could qualify for the gift or discount at the end of the pitch?

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