UK timeshare owners lose multimillion-pound compensation claim….

Here we go again. UK meaning United Kingdom timeshare owners losing out to big corporations in the timeshare business. It’s a contract folks! 

Hundreds of British holiday timeshare owners have lost a multi million-pound legal claim for damages against RCI Europe (RCIE), operators of a global timeshare exchange club.

But their lawyers say a judge’s ruling blocking their claim has identified a breach of contract by RCIE which opens up the possibility of thousands more claims.

Four test cases were brought on behalf of more than 480 RCIE members at the High Court in London.

The court heard they were all signed up to the “Weeks” programme, the largest of the club’s exchange schemes.

The claimants, led by David and Barbara Abbott, argued they were entitled to compensation because RCIE had rented out timeshares for profit without their knowledge or permission, reducing their opportunities to make exchanges.

Note: More and More litigation because of fine print and grey areas of law. 

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