We’re Curious. Just How Many People Complain About Timeshare?

August 8, 2017

We’re Curious. Just How Many People Complain About Timeshare? 

To a all encompassing state agency. If you have, have you had any luck in solving your complaint? If you have timeshare property and it is outside of your state, it appears they will not handle it. Most timeshares are purchased out of the state where they live or out of the country. But look at what they won’t handle.

  • Some of the Complaints our Agency Does NOT Handle:
    • Automobile Repair: Unless your automobile repair issue qualifies you for the Lemon Law Program, you should send your complaint to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
    • Banking: The Department of Banking handles complaints against banks or other lending institutions, including mortgage lenders.
    • Credit Cards: The Department of Banking handles complaints against credit card companies and others offering consumer credit.
    • Debt Collectors: The Department of Banking handles complaints against collection agencies.
    • Insurance: The Insurance Department handles insurance related complaints.
    • Internet Retailers located outside Connecticut: We do not have the tools or resources to effectively assist consumers with complaints against internet retailers that do not have a presence in the State.  We refer these complaints to the relevant state’s Attorney General or Consumer Protection agency. For national companies with stores in Connecticut, we can try to be of assistance.  For a more rapid response, you may want to try going directly to the out-of-state consumer protection agency.
    • Telemarketers located outside Connecticut: For “Do Not Call” violations from out-of-state callers, please send your complaint directly with the Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry.

If you do not see your complaint listed in either section above, you can get more information by:

  • Going to our Complaint Forms page and see if your complaint is one of the common types we can or cannot help with.
  • Checking out our A to Z index. Look up words and topics that relate to your complaint to find out your next step.
  • Visiting our Programs and Services or Consumer pages, which list some of the major areas we regulate.
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