What We Like About A Smaller 5 Star Timeshare Resort Vs Larger Franchises!

June 2, 2017

Have you ever been to a timeshare board meeting where you can actually have a say at your resort?  I’ll bet most of you haven’t!  My wife and I own 3 deeded weeks of timeshare property at 3 different 5 star rated resorts. We have been to probably 6 annual board meetings at two of our Minnesota resorts over the years. All three of our resorts have excellent trading and exchanging power. We are not in the point system drummed up by the giant franchise resorts over the years.

Here is a picture of our last annual resort meeting here in Minnesota. An excellent participation by current owners.

The Village at Izaty’s 2016 annual meeting. It was a great and informative meeting with over 50 timeshare owners present.

Now visualize how by buying points with a large franchise organization like ,The Hilton, Marriott and others where you fit in as far as having a say in your resort. Virtually nothing. It’s controlled by the big boys. Click here to see where you fit in. 

In our opinion in today’s market you can buy a re-sale timeshare, like we did, on or through the Internet for pennies on the dollar, have excellent exchanging,  and enjoy many years of timeshare vacations.  Check out where you can purchase for pennies on the dollar these 3 resorts. Breezy Point, Minnesota , The Village at Izaty’s, Minnesota , Treetop Village, MO  Our opinion.

Cary & Elaine

Author: Cary

Retired with many years of timeshare experiences. My wife and I love our timeshare vacations. We are trying to educate the public on the value of timeshare vacation properties, providing the timeshare properties are deeded and purchased on the resale market. That's where the real value is.