Why We Recommend A “Emergency Assistance” Program For Timeshare Owners…

April 19, 2017

Think about it! If you are a timeshare traveler like my wife and I, by air and by car, things can happen that are beyond your control. Most are not covered by your insurance plans. Note: We are not compensated in any way shape or form by this service. Click Here!

A True Story

It was going to be a quick Spring getaway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Melanie and Craig had always loved the mountains. When they realized they had a week to sneak away, they decided to rent a condo in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They wanted to witness the mountains coming back to life after a long winter.

The drive would take around eight hours, but Gatlinburg would be an ideal base from which to explore the park. They could do a little hiking, and search for wildflowers and other “spring peepers.” If weather permitted, there might even be some fishing or horseback riding included in the agenda.

The weather was good when they set out. And the trip there, while long, went very smoothly. Melanie and Craig were both glad to pull into the parking lot of their condo, unload the car and grab a quick bite. After all of that, it was time to call it a day. They wanted to rest so they could get up early and get off to a good start.

But in the morning, things started to get really bad.

Melanie had a really restless night and barely slept. She complained to Craig that she was having trouble catching her breath. Then, suddenly, she blacked out. Craig tried to revive her, but when she came to she was unable to communicate with him at all. Then she blacked out again.

Craig called 911 and waited–for what seemed like an eternity–for the EMTs to arrive.

After a quick evaluation, Melanie was loaded into an ambulance, had an oxygen mask placed on her and then, with sirens wailing and lights flashing, the EMTs took her to the nearest Emergency Room. The doctor on duty told Craig that they would put Melanie on a ventilator to assist her breathing, and then run some tests to try to determine the cause of her distress.

Melanie was admitted to the hospital, where she stayed for the next twelve days.

She then needed to be moved to a more appropriate facility with the resources and specialists she needed to aid in her recovery.

Luckily, as soon as Melanie got to the hospital, Craig had called EA+.

The EA+ staff had been monitoring Melanie’s situation closely. They spoke with Craig and the hospital staff sometimes several times a day.

So, when it was determined that Melanie needed to be moved to another facility, all the necessary arrangements began. As soon as EA+ was notified that a room in the right intensive care unit was open, an air ambulance was booked and Melanie was on her way to getting the specific care she needed–much to the amazement of the hospital staff!

And when Melanie was admitted to the second hospital, their staff also expressed to Craig their amazement at how well EA+ had performed in making the transfer. They also gave Melanie the nickname “The Tennessee Air Ambulance Lady.”

EA+ did everything they promised me in my membership,” Craig said.

The total cost was over $17,000.00, which EA+ paid in full.

“You could not have been any better to my wife,” Craig wrote to us here at EA+. “You don’t know how many people have asked me about your amazing program. I’m proud to endorse EA+.”

Melanie and Craig R.
Dothan, AL

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