Wyndham’s Timeshare Vacation Exchanges…An Explanation Of How It Works!

Question? If you own so many points in which resort worldwide do you specifically own? That would be a question to ask the salesperson when you attend a sales presentation, right? A deeded fixed week gives you a title to a certain resort and a certain time, which you can exchange to other resorts in the exchange system. Click here to see the difference.
Under Wyndham’s vacation exchange service, participants are given the opportunity to exchange properties at a different location for a specific period. Wyndham’s exchange service assigns a value to the interval surrendered by the owner, depending on the amenities in the property, location, duration, and timing, and makes money by charging a fixed annual fee as well as a charge for facilitating the exchange.

RCI, the 3.8 million-member strong vacation exchange arm of Wyndham Worldwide, has over 4,500 vacation ownership resorts spread across 100 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, Southern Africa, the Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East regions.

Wyndham’s rentals

Wyndham Rentals is the world’s largest vacation rental company based on its number of properties. Wyndham Vacation Rentals has over 103,000 properties registered, of which 94,000 are registered in Europe alone.

This service connects vacation properties to leisure travelers. Vacation property may include the following:

1.vacation ownership
2.traditional hotel rooms
3.villas, cottages, and chalets
4.city apartments and second homes
5.fractional resorts and private residence clubs