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Want To Know Where We Purchased A Prime Two Bedroom, Sleep 8, Deeded Summer Week For $400 From A Private Party at a 5 Star Resort In Minnesota? Click The Link.

Here’s What We Got

Click Here For Outstanding Used Timeshare Units At Breezy Point

Meet Elvis at Breezy Point

Elvis Presley show to begin shortly

Why We Bought It

It was only 2.5 hours from our home. It guaranteed us a prime spring/summer week every year (Memorial Week), Elvis was there, and for less than $500 from a previous owner it was a great buy.  The previous owner had paid $10,000 for it 10 years earlier. Since they lived only one mile from the resort they used the resort recreational facilities year round and exchanged to other timeshare resorts for 10 years. They were now done traveling and wanted to sell at a low price to move it fast. They used it for travel and loved it.

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KOTA News Out of South Dakota Warns Of Travel Scams – Video

Click Here For Jan 2017 Video Of Travel Scams

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Timeshare ‘conman’ escapes jail over apartments which never materialised

Click Here On This “Timeshare Con” – Playa de Amadores Beach, Canary Islands 

Playa de Amadores beach. Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Spain (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Do Timeshare Auctions At Timeshare Resorts Work?

Only 20 of 283 San Clemente Inn timeshares sold in Thursday’s tax auction, with minimum bids outpacing values at that resort. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Can Timeshare Resorts Recover Their Cost In Auctions? – Click Here For Recent Timeshare Auction Article.



Ka’anapali Beach Club, Maui, Hawaii (II)

Ka'anapali Beach Club

Diamond Resorts International® Ka’anapali Beach Club

News Article About Ka’anapali Beach Club

Images & Photos


Maui Arts & Cultural Center

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Can You Show Me A USA Google Map Of Timeshare Resorts?

Click Here For A USA Map Of Timeshare Locations

Latest News About Mexico Timeshare FRAUD – How To Spot A Scam News Article!

Strangers calling about your timeshare. How do you handle it?

How Do You Handle A Timeshare Scam? Click Here

Is Anybody Doing Anything About Fraud – Click Here

The Mexico Resale/Bank Wire Scam

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Can Timeshare Vacations Properties Bring Families Together?

It Can Bring Families Together If They Want To. Isn’t that the reason most families considerd timeshare properties initially?

Read This Article For Other Views

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Are You Looking For A Unique Wedding Celebration?


Grand Solmar Timeshare Members Have Unique Destination Wedding Packages Available

News Article About Wedding Packages

Images & Photos

Videos Of The Resort


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Timeshare Owners Scammed Out Of Their Money. Are You One Of Them?

TV News! As A Timeshare Owner Have You Been Scammed Out Of Your Money?

Click Here For This TV Report News Item 

Pet Friendly Resort Options – Helpful Information You Decide

Take Your Pet

Pet friendly Resort Options

Are All Timeshare Websites The Same?

Mexico Tourist Advisory Website

mexico time share fraud

Click Here And Compare Their Website To Ours

Sedona Two Years Ago – Looking Forward In Two Weeks To Some Sun – 1/10/17

We are so looking forward to spending 2-3 weeks in Sedona, AZ again. We hope we will be blessed with some sun. Tired of Minnesota’s winter and snow. We are only in the new year of 2017 and count our blessing that we have timeshare property in which we can exchange. We are staying at Sedona Springs sister resort, Villas of Sedona.  We love the casual atmosphere of Sedona where we are able to enjoy the weather, the coffee shops, our relatives and more. 

We usually meet a lot of Minnesota vacationers in Sedona and hope to again. This the time to own timeshare. Sharing winter in warmer climate and visiting friends and relatives.


6 things to know before you buy a timeshare

This Author Has Written An Excellent Article – Click Here

Everything this author writes about you can find on our website but it’s a simple and easy to read article. Enjoy!

Traveling? Check out our prices.

The Truth About Timeshares –

Want to know what Dave Ramsey Thinks? Click Here.

Read What Damsey Says. Educate Yourself and You Decide.

We agree to a certain extent. We own 3 deeded timeshare properties all purchased thru the Internet resale market. We have owned these for 15 years and have had the most luxury vacations anyone could have asked for.  Read how we budgeted using our “coffee” savings concept? 

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Best Timeshare For 2017 – Consumer Affairs

Best Timeshare For 2017 – Consumer Affairs – Click Here

This is a simple easy to read and overall review of 

most of the timeshare companies around the world. Keep in mind your best bet is purchasing a timeshare property on the resale market. Not necessarily a timeshare property from these large franchise companies. Take a look at where we own at each of the resorts at the top of this website. You deal directly with the resort association without a middleman. Very reputable resort associations.

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Town of Hilton Head Island Planning Commission And Timeshare Developments

Image result for Sea Pines Plantation, hilton head

It looks like the town of  Hilton Head Island Planning Commission and local residences are objecting to a timeshare expansion.  Click Here for information

Image result for Sea Pines Plantation, hilton head

382 coastal timeshares to be auctioned, but buyer beware, official says

Buyers Beware Is Right! 

A $1,000 refundable deposit at a timeshare auction. Click on the link above. The chances also that some developer may buy the units that are in arrears and later force the other timeshare owners out some how.  Better to contact 3 of the timeshare resorts at the top of the page. Much less hassle and the deeds are recorded for you. Be careful out there!

Timeshare sell-off plan denied by hotel – Goodwick’s iconic Bay Hotel

Let’s Face It, Sometimes This Is The Only Way To Sell Off Large Properties – Click Here To Read. 

Timeshare Travel Options Today

News From Xanadu Villas on Hilton Head About Lock Out Timeshare Units.

The use of lock-out units in Xanadu Villas on Hilton Head have long been a concern for some residents.

Timeshare Lockout Units Concern Local Residences – Click Here

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Widow sues Westgate over last-standing condo fight

Westgate Dosen’t Care – Widow Wants Justice!

Traveling To Florida? Click Here

Hilton Grand Vacations Debuts as Public Company

Another Spin Off Set To Make Timeshare Executives Rich

Traveling Made Easy – Click Here

Bidder registration for tax-defaulted timeshare intervals internet auction closes Jan. 9

California Timeshare Auction Coming Up Within 3 Days – Click Here

Best Hotel and Car Rentals – Click Here

Internet Auction of Tax-Defaulted Timeshare Intervals Bidder Registration Closes on Jan. 9, 2017

Interested In Buying or Bidding on A Timeshare – Short Notice – Click Here

Hotel Deals – Click Here

The Timeshare Hard Sell Comes Roaring Back….

Does This Timeshare Story Sound Familiar? Click Here. 

Another Authors Advice On Timeshares

Click Here For Quick Information

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A Positive Story – Timeshare worked out…

Image result for Siesta Key, Florida,

A Positive Story – Timeshare worked out…

Click Here For Excellent Article About How A Inherited Timeshare Worked Out…

Image result for Siesta Key, Florida,

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and Timeshare Complaints… News

Durban – KwaZulu-Natal is ranked in the top three provinces for having the highest number of consumer complaints lodged with the National Consumer Commission (NCC) against firms in the vacation ownership industry over the past eight months.


Map of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 

Traveling Options in South Africa



Fake Time-Share Re-Sale Offers from Ohio Company…

More timeshare re-sale offers – Keep Informed Please

Fake Time-Share Re-Sale Offers from Ohio Company.

Timeshare Travel Suggestions

Some timeshares not worth time, money

Article Worth Reading Below

Some timeshares not worth time, money

Options when traveling

Seagull Beach Club Resort, Cocoa Beach, Florida (II)

Seagull Beach Club Resort, Cocoa Beach, Florida (II)

Photos and Images


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London Bridge Resort, Lake Havasu City, AZ (II)

London Bridge Resort, Lake Havasu City, AZ 

Images and Photos


Homes To Rent in Havasu City

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Financing In Today’s Market – Difference Between Auto and Timeshare Property

FINANCING – – Difference Between Auto and Timeshare Property

Time-shares and recreational vehicles often are pitched as a way to save on future vacations. Anyone who has owned either knows that’s not necessarily true. First-time RV buyers, for example, often underestimate the costs of maintaining, repairing and fueling their rigs. Time-share newbies can be gobsmacked by rising annual fees, the hassles of trading their units and the difficulty of shedding unwanted time-shares.

The math really turns sour when either purchase is financed. Developer financing for time-shares typically carries interest rates of 15 percent or more. RV loan rates can be lower, but Read More…

Pono Kai Resort in Kapaa. Hawaii – Information


Video Walk Thru Of The Resort

Photos and Images

Pono Kai Resort on Kauai’s East Side

Travel Options, Hotels, Airlines, Autos

$13M in upgrades for Eastside resorts


Wyndham’s Maintenance Fee’s For 2017….

Wyndham Timeshare Sales Growth Taking A Big Hit

Switching From Deeded Timeshare Property To Points Is Our Belief That Timeshare Property Is Ruined.

Click this article to see why we have always believed that the point system is subject to all kinds of fraud. We own 3 deeded weeks and there is no confusion on what we own. When the concept of points started we knew that future customers of timeshare vacations were going to get screwed. Anyway read the article and you decide. 

Pro Timeshare Resales of Florida Stole $15 Million From Timeshare Owners….


Author of

Another unbelievable account of timeshare resale company in Florida. Read the links below.  

Click Here for the FTC report. It’s obscene 

Click Here for the Better Business Bureau Information

Click Here for Action 9 Video of Confrontation

With all the protections our government provides it still happens. Our website tries to provide everything we can on a daily basis to our customers.  The Internet today can also help anyone looking for answers. 

Compare traveling hotels, airlines, car rentals here.


Video tour of The Grove Resort & Spa, Orlando, Florida

As found on Youtube

How To Sell A Timeshare – Choosing a reputable company

How To Sell A Timeshare – Choosing a reputable company

With more than just a few websites on the internet trying to attract timeshare owners looking to sell, selecting which company to register your timeshare with can be confusing

 We appreciate that you want to shop around and perhaps select more than one company to help sell your timeshare.

To help you steer clear of  these merchants, we’ve put together some thoughts that you may want to ask yourself on how other people do business.

1. How does the company attract purchasers?

There are quite a few websites with the words “Sell” and “Timeshare” in the website, and as such  seem only wanting to target sellers.

 But, how are they targeting purchasers?

Ask yourself this, if a company only seems focused on attracting those selling timeshare, how are they starting to attract a buyer for your week or timeshare levels?

We can only recommend what we have done.  We wanted guaranteed vacations at great resorts only here in the U.S.  We only dealt with the resort associations with no salesman involved.

This method does not apply to resorts such as Marriott, Hilton or any franchise type of resort that sold points. We were interested in specific deeded weeks and units.

If you live in the United States or in the midwest area of the United States we can suggest a couple of excellent options to buy reliable timeshare units or properties and they are located at the top of this website. We own at each resort listed and have never regretted our purchase in 15 years of usage.

If you live in Europe, Spain, Italy, Britain, Scotland and other Europe countries listen to the advice of the company in the video and you decide.

As found on Youtube

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Breezes Resort in the Bahamas

Breezes Resort in the Bahamas

Breezes Resort in the Bahamas.  We offer Destination Weddings in the Bahamas.

 Breezes Resort Bahamas is the only Super-Inclusive Resort in the Bahamas, with 391 guestrooms and suites it sits on a spectacular stretch of the island’s best beach – the powdery white sand Cable Beach. Right in the heart of the mega resort Baha Mar and minutes from downtown Nassau and the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. And because its an all inclusive resort – everything you can eat, drink & do is included in one simple, up-front price. So, you get to enjoy unlimited premium brand cocktails, sumptuous cuisine and nightly themed entertainment. You can go sailing, wind-surfing, kayaking and even plan tennis. But you must be age 14 and over to stay at this all inclusive resort. Use this link to book at Breezes Resort in the Bahamas.
And we will help you put together the ideal wedding package for your Beach wedding at Breezes Resort in the Bahamas. Looking forward to talking to talking to you soon about Bahamas destination weddings.

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Benefits of an Orlando Timeshare Vacation Package For Condos and Disney World Tickets

Best Orlando Vacation Packages, thank you so much for helping my wife and I plan and save on our family’s Disney World vacation. The timeshare condo we stayed in was great. The resort had great amenities and the pool was huge. In fact, I don’t which the kids liked more, going to Disney or playing in the pool with the other kids they met at the resort. The presentation was informative and very low pressure. And you right, the Disney Touch of Magic ticket is the best deal on a Disney World ticket. We saved a lot of money with those tickets. My wife and I have already recommended you to our family and friends.

Check best travel packages here. 

How to Find a Timeshare for Rent

How to Find a Timeshare for Rent

How to Find a Timeshare for Rent. If you do an internet exploration, you’ll find many timeshares for rent.

 Find the right rental using these tips. You should use a (TUG) Timeshare user group membership. Rental agreement and deposit.

Step 1. Take a look at ( longstanding timeshare user group website. Browse through the rental ads at Timeshare Users Group, or TUG which has over 40,000 timeshare proprietor members. Potential renters can browse  in their Timeshare Marketplace at no cost.

Step 2. Browse their rental database by point or resort name.

Step 3.  Most timeshares rent at a fixed rate usually at a rate close to their maintenance fee’s, much less than if you were to rent through the resort directly.

 Step 4. Narrow down prospective rentals, or post a “wish ad” to be seen by timeshare  members.

Step 5. Contact a timeshare owner through the ad. Make sure the property is as described and follow up with research on the Internet as to a resorts rating.
Step 6. Call the resort to double-check that the timeshare proprietor actually owns the rental week that’s being offered and if the unit you wish to rent has its dues paid for the week and year you wish to rent.

 Step 7. If everything checks out.  Get the rental agreement and return the agreement to the owner with a deposit along with a copy of the agreement to the resort, and enjoy your timeshare rental vacation.

Other Travel Options, Click Here

British Timeshare Murder Still Not Solved

British Timeshare Scam Artist Murder Not Solved

France – Even The French Have Their Timeshare Problems

Roadside Timeshare Vendors – France

Vistana Interested Buyers

Some Good Advice From Vistana Owners

Provincetown timeshare update. 12/19/16

Click Here The Latest Development Regarding Provincetown

Boulder, Colorado DA: Two men indicted in timeshare transfer scheme

Click Here If You Have You Been Conned By This Man?

Re-Sale Timeshare Prices Currently Until Jan. 31, 2017

Sale of these Breezy Point timeshare units are only good until the end of January 2017. These prices are less than what you can rent these units for regularly. Breezy Point is a timeshare Resort in northern Minnesota. Outstanding values we have never seen prices this law on the resale Market. Call Breezy Point ant 218 562 64 50

Image may contain: text

These are Deeded one week vacation units that originally cost someone anywhere from $10,000 to $24,000 or more that are now on the resale market. This is a great timeshare resort for winter or summer. The higher priced 2 bedroom units from weeks 22 – wSee More

Timeshare Bankruptcy – Provincetown – Bad Management & Oversight Of Operations Manager

Another Timeshare Bankruptcy – Sad!

 Images & Photo’s of Resort


Compare This Management to Izaty’s  Dec.  2016 Annual Meeting

Testimonials Of A Minnesota Timeshare Brokers Deeded Re-Sales

Vacation Ownership For Less – Minnesota

Testimonials of Happy Customers

My wife and I purchased a prime spring/summer (Memorial) week about 4 yrs ago at Breezy Point. It was a two bedroom unit with a beautiful hot tub enclosed within the unit right on one of Breezy Points golf courses. The sellers originally paid $10,000 10 years earlier. We purchased this unit for only $400 including the closing costs. It is only 2.5 hrs from our home here in Minnesota and we use it every year.

We would recommend Vacation Ownership For Less  Anytime.  

Breezy Point, Mn – Summer deck entertainment area