11/20/20 – Timeshare OPCs active again in Oyster Pond
11/20/20 – Earn 70,000 points on one stay and more with Choice Privileges promotions
11/20/20 – Diamond Resorts Obtains Permanent Injunction Against So-Called “Timeshare Exit” Attorney, Ken B. Privett
11/20/20 – Wyndham rebrands timeshare exchange program
11/19/20 – Wyndham Resorts Sued For Allegedly Deceptive Timeshare Sales
11/18/20 – Free Timeshare Exit options available to all owners as 2021 Maintenance Fees come due!
11/17/20 – Timeshare Exchange Membership Is Free And Simple With The Launch Of 7Across
11/16/20 – Get out of your timeshare
11/16/20 – Extricating from a time share may prove difficult, expensive
11/15/20 – With the snow piling up, here’s where Mt. Baker ranks against the nation’s top ski resorts
11/13/20 – Four Signs Something You Wish Was True Probably Is Not,
11/12/20 – The easy way to get out of a timeshare for good
11/12/20 – Avoid Burdens, Headaches Caused by Timeshares – 
11/11/20 – Timeshare is becoming more accessible
11/11/20 – Better Business Bureau Revokes Neally Law’s Accreditation
11/12/20 – How to Cancel a Timeshare Contract in Mexico
11/12/20 – Diamond Resorts Files Lawsuit Against Timeshare Freedom Group, Molfetta Law & Others in Timeshare ‘Cancellation’ Ring for Allegedly Scamming Consumers
11/11/20 – Timeshare is becoming more accessible
11/09/20 – Steamboat City Council to consider some new form of tax to counter over-reliance on sales tax, including timeshares
11/09/20 – An Exclusive Interview with Brandon Barron On Timeshare Industry
11/09/20 – Huge payouts for timeshare buyers at resort linked to Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs
11/08/20 – How to Spot and Avoid Timeshare Scams – a free lesson from Timeshare Users Group
11/06/20 – ‘A hugely concerning development’: Sudden closure of Perthshire resort prompts fears for staff
11/06/20 – Pinellas County men sentenced in timeshare scam
11/05/20 – 3 Common Reasons for Canceling a Timeshare

11/05/20 – Here’s a Timeshare Pitch That’s Worth a Listen: The Investment Case for Marriott Vacations

11/04/20 – Barclays foots the bill over timeshare tactics: Bank to repay interest on 1,482 loans and cancel further payments
11/03/20 – Wyndham Destinations Declares Cash Dividend
11/03/20 – Barclays ordered to repay millions on timeshare loans in Malta
10/31/20 – Police launch probe into ‘financial irregularities’ at Loch Rannoch holiday resort
10/30/20 – Orlando investors buy old Beachcomber, Americano resort sites in Daytona
10/29/20 – DVCShop.com Posts Floor Plans For All DVC Resort Rooms
10/29/20 – Resorts are banking on you being sick of your Zoom room
10/29/20 – How To End The Costly Burden Of A Timeshare
10/28/20 – Why is it hard to get out of your timeshare
10/28/20 – How to Plan an Affordable Disney World Vacation Using Points
10/26/20 – Easiest Ways to Cancel Your Maryland Timeshare
10/26/20 – 1 Hilton Head company’s address received 4 coronavirus loans worth $2.8M. Why?
10/23/20 – Hawaii vacation rentals down 60.8% in September
10/21/20 – FBI imposters, romance popular scams that often target elderly
10/22/20 – Timeshare Users Group Tops 103,000 Registered Owners on Free Online Forums!
10/21/20 – Rutledge announces $500,000 judgment against owner of fraudulent timeshare exit company
10/21/20 – 1,600 people to be laid off from Orlando-based Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare company
10/20/20 – Deposition Disputes Diamond’s Claims Against Newton Group
10/19/20 – Timeshare Consumer Association: Fury at timeshare “pandemic profiteering”
10/19/20 – ‘Resort bubble’: Timeshare company’s Thanksgiving package allows families to quarantine before Turkey Day
10/18/20 – Attorney targets timeshare ‘abuse’
10/16/20 – Advice On How To End A Timeshare
10/16/20 – Timeshare Companies Overcharge Owners to Survive the Pandemic Crisis
10/15/20 – Job losses expected as Horseshoe Valley timeshares close down
10/14/20 – How to use your credit card points to book vacation rentals like Airbnb
10/14/20 – Is your favorite vacation home booked? Check out these lesser-known alternatives instead
10/14/20 – The easy way to get out of a timeshare
10/14/20 – Diamond Resorts Obtains Permanent Injunction In False Advertising Lawsuit Against Companies Renting Out Use Of Vacation Points
10/13/20 – Hilton Grand Vacations'(NYSE:HGV) Share Price Is Down 43% Over The Past Three Years.
10/13/20 – Timeshares 101: What Are They and How Do You Buy One?
10/10/20 – Maintenance Fees are On Their Way!
10/10/20 – Diamond Resorts Obtains Permanent Injunction In False Advertising Lawsuit Against Companies Renting Out Use Of Vacation Points
10/11/20 – Westgate Resorts’ David Siegel shares Covid advice, responds to calls to sell Versailles mansion
10/12/20 – Timeshare Termination Team can help you legally cancel your timeshare contract.
10/12/20 – How making timeshare claims outside the UK is costing Brits thousands
10/09/20 – MP Buncamper wants to know whereabouts of timeshare law
10/09/20 – Meet Holiday Inn Club Vacations’ new top exec and his strategy to get past Covid
10/08/20 – Get out of your timeshare before those annual fees come back around
10/07/20 – Capital Vacations Selected as Management Provider for Two Florida Resorts
10/07/20 – Timeshare Users Group Celebrates 27th Anniversary Helping Owners!
10/06/20 – 10 Reasons Why Timeshare is a Bad Investment
10/04/20 – UPDATE: Man stabbed to death at south valley timeshare property, police looking for 8 possible suspects
10/03/20 – COVID-19 Calls for Major Reforms in the Timeshare Industry
10/02/20 – Local timeshare resorts may shut down and be put up for sale
10/02/20 – These New Wyndham Rewards Hotel Credit Cards Are Designed for Road Trips
10/01/20 – FBI and OIEA warn public that fraudsters are targeting owners of timeshares in Mexi
10/01/20 – Nearly 6,700 local non-union Disney employees among 28,000 workers losing their jobs
9/30/20 – Local timeshare resorts may shut down and be put up for sale
9/26/20 – Grand County real estate sales, Sept. 20-26
11/19/20 – Timeshare Owners Finally Can Get Justice
9/25/20 – So will you be paying your 2021 maintenance fees?
9/25/20 – Timeshare Users Group Marketplace eclipses $18 Million in Timeshare Rentals by Owner
9/24/20 – Club La Costa couple fight for return of £4,200 from timeshare exit firm Carl James Associates
9/23/20 – Diamond Resorts Files Lawsuit Against Timeshare Freedom Group
11/19/20 – Addicted To Coffee? Here’s How We Paid For Our Timeshare Vacations 
9/20/20 – Vacation canceled? Some refunds are taking months to process
9/21/20 – Terminate your timeshare legally and permanently
9/20/20 – FBI and OIEA Warn Public that Fraudsters are Targeting Owners of Timeshares in Mexico
9/21/20 – Impact of COVID-19 on Vacation Ownership (Timeshare) Market Latest trending report is booming globally by Top Leading Players Wyndham, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, Hilton Grand Vacations, Hyatt, Diamond Resorts, etc
9/17/20 – Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Timeshare Exit Attorney, Mitchell Reed Sussman
9/16/20 – Pace: Timeshares and fractional ownership in Paradise Valley?
9/18/20 – Newton Group Gains Favorable Court Ruling Against Diamond Resorts
9/15/20 – Timeshare Termination Team
9/15/20 – Newton Group Provides Access To Justice For Consumer Who Was Manipulated By Diamond Resorts Into Buying $56,000 In Timeshare Points
9/15/20 – Diamond Resorts & Timeshare Owners Warn of Newton Group & DC Capital Law’s Timeshare ‘Exit’ Scams
9/14/20 – BlueGreen, Current Operator of NYC Timeshare The Manhattan Club, Sued for RICO, Fraud and Breach of Contract
9/14/20 – BBB report: Seniors hit hard by travel scams in 2019
9/14/20 – Wyndham Destinations expected visits from drive-to destinations would be a key part of its business coming out of the recession.
9/10/20 – ‘Vacation distancing’ is trending up, and this golf-resort membership program is leading the way
9/10/20 – Timeshare Termination Team’s Advice On Getting Out Of Another Year Of Maintenance Fees
9/10/20 – Timeshare scheme with no contract and no way out
9/4/20 – Montgomery County man warns others after losing $40,000 in timeshare scam
9/4/20 – Timeshare Users Group Marketplace reaches $48 Million Dollars in Successful Resales & Rentals
9/01/20 – Book this Miller Lite oasis timeshare and you’ll be living the high life
8/29/20 – This Is How to Rent a Timeshare for Your Next Vacation
11/13/20 – We are at our deeded timeshare week here at “The Village at Izaty’s” in Minnesota during the pandemic this week. Over 20 years ago we got this from a previous timeshare owner who just deeded it to us for no money. He had purchased it for $8,800 and did not want it and wanted to give it up. During the first years we exchanged to all over the country. But the last 5 years have been using it here at the resort for Thanksgiving celebrations and family get togethers. We live only 3.5 hours from the resort and this year particularly, during the pandemic, enjoy just getting away from home. We would never have been able to stay at beautiful resorts had we not had deeded timeshare properties to exchange.
11/13/20 – Hello: As author of “timesharefun” we find all kinds of articles pros and cons. We have purchased 3 timeshare deeded weeks over the last 25 years on the “re-sale” market from private owners for literally 10 cents on the dollar and have never regretted it. Points vs Deeds
8/28/20 – Hotels vs Timeshares: Why Hotels Are the Cheaper Option
8/27/20 – Class Action Claims Wyndham Resorts Sells ‘Worthless’ Timeshares, Intimidates Owners’ Attorneys
8/27/20 – Vacation Ownership (Timeshare) Market Experience a Significant Impact in 2020 Influenced by COVID-19 Pandemic
8/25/20 – Tens of millions of dollars pre-booked and waiting to be spent in Australia’s domestic tourism industry – report
8/26/20 – Alliance Association Bank advises timeshare resorts to explore alternative funding sources
8/20/20 – #SchoolFromAnywhere With Club Wyndham’s ‘Back to School, Back to Your Bucket List’ Vacation Package
8/17/20 – Newton Advocates Timeshare Exit Industry Reform, Rejects Diamond Resort’s Push to Prevent Third Party Assistance
8/20/20 -Timeshare Exit and Diamond Resorts Dispute
8/14/20 – New Zealand – Affordable, stress-free holidays sorted
7/31/20 -Wyndham Destinations Announces Dual-Branded Resort in Atlanta
8/06/20 – Vacation rental marketplace KOALA officially goes live
8/05/20 – What to do with your timeshare during a pandemic
8/04/20 – Hawaii vacation rentals average unit occupancy rate down 59.8% in June
8/01/20 – It’s official: you can stay in a hotel or resort for fun again – but not an Airbnb
6/05/20 – Wyndham ready to scrub up for hotel re-openings
6/04/20 – Florida’s theme parks are reopening but there is still a lot that is unknown
6/06/20 – Timeshare exit companies pose their own problems for consumers
6/03/20 – Escondido’s Welk Resorts to Pay Millions After False Timeshare Promises, DA Says
6/03/20 – Timeshare Settlement
5/29/20 – Disney Vacation Club Resorts and Fort Wilderness Reopening to Members and Guests on June 22 at Walt Disney World
5/29/20 – Some Walt Disney World resort hotels will open again in June
5/27/20 – Court appoints BDO to untangle mess at troubled timeshares
5/25/20 – High Country Timeshare Using UV Light To Disinfect Units
5/13/20 – Diamond Resorts Echoes State Attorneys General and Warns Consumers of Increase in Financial Scams During COVID-19
5/14/20 – Travel plans in the time of coronavirus
5/13/20 – Timeshare Termination Team – May 13, 2020
5/13/20 – Diamond Resorts Echoes State Attorneys General and Warns Consumers of Increase in Financial Scams During COVID-19
5/12/20 – South Florida timeshare giant prepares to restart sales, reopen resorts
4/13/20 – Diamond Resorts : Announces Key Victory in Fight to Protect Customers from So-Called ‘Timeshare Exit Companies’
4/13/20 – Not even a global pandemic can kill the ever-expanding Disney Vacation Club
4/21/20 – You and the Law: Coronavirus, timeshares — and you
4/21/20 – Struggling to resolve your timeshare complaint? Help is at hand
4/22/20 – Travel Bans During COVID Crisis Fuel Call For Timeshare Reform
4/24/20 – You and the Law: Coronavirus and timeshares
4/26/20 – ‘They are making it really difficult’: Timeshare owners navigate coronavirus cancellation policies
4/23/20 – Hilton Grand Vacations is recognized as a leading global timeshare company
4/27/20 – Disney Vacation Club member criticizes The Mouse’s handling of points
4/30/20 – Vacation rental suspension still enforced as Florida tries to restart its economy
4/30/20 -Timeshare Users Group Shows How to Identify & Avoid Scams Targeting Timeshare Owners
5/4/20 – Timeshare Owners’ Body – Aims To Get Money Back
5/5/20 – Timeshare companies seen recovering quicker than hotels
5/5/20 – Timeshare Fraud FBI Overview Evidence Properly Admitted at Trial
5/7/20 – Disney Vacation Club is Accepting Vacation Bookings for June 1 And Beyond
5/6/20 – Fitch Affirms Wyndham at ‘BB-‘; Outlook Revised to Negative

Timesharefun.Com — News — 2019

BBB report: Seniors hit hard by travel scams in

*Terminating Your Costly Timeshare

*Timeshare rule change proposed
*Work to begin on new mini-attraction at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground
*TimeSharing Today magazine has announced plans to refocus its content in 2020
*Bon appetit: A peek at Disney Riviera Resort’s delicious dishes
*Australia: The death of the holiday timeshare
*Casual elegance: See inside Disney’s new Riviera Resort
*Disneyland takes first step toward building 12-story Disney Vacation Club timeshare tower
*Disney Proposes Building 350-Room Tower Within Disneyland Hotel Footprint
*Here’s why Westgate’s David and Jackie Siegel ‘don’t care’ about Versailles anymore
*Long-planned Paraiso Springs resort project approved by Planning Commission
*CCI dismisses alleged anti-competitive practices complaint against RCI
*What’s New in Vacation Ownership?
*Manager Pleads Guilty To Stealing $1.8 Million From Cape Cod Timeshare Resort
*Woman pleads guilty to embezzling nearly $2M from Provincetown timeshare
*Timeshare Got You Down?
*Frenchman’s Reef to Reopen and Expand in 2020
*Hilton Grand Vacations Announces Opening of Third Myrtle Beach Property, Ocean Enclave by Hilton Grand Vacations Club
*Disney permit hints at latest work for new Reflections resort
*Marriott Vacations CEO Confident Amid Recession Fears: ‘Everybody Still Wants to Go on Vacation’
*How to Get Rid of a Timeshare
*Diamond Resorts Applauds North Carolina for Enacting Legislation to Expand the State’s Timeshare Industry
*Mahindra Holidays looks to draw more to its ‘club’
*Disney shares peek at new 2019 timeshare resort
*I-Team: Couple warns consumers of timeshare with “no availability
*Lawsuit Claims Gatlinburg Resort ‘Ripped Off’ Timeshare Owners Who Could Never Book Vacations

Park Station, Park City, Utah (II)(RCI)

Park Station, Park City, Utah (II)(RCI)

Park Station Timesshares

Park Station



Welcome to Park Station Park City Weather Forecast, UT Offering one of the best locations in Park City, Park Station is located at the bottom of Historic Main Street , and adjacent to the Town Lift of Park City Mountain Resort for easy access to skiing , boarding , dining , and shopping .

Explore an array of Park Station, Park City vacation rentals, including apartment and condo rentals, & more bookable online. Choose from more than 46 properties, ideal house rentals for families, groups and couples.

The Park Regency, Park City, Utah (II)(RCI)

The Park Regency, Park City, Utah (II)(RCI)

Sapphire Resorts @ Park Regency | Veterans Holidays

This Resort is the perfect family getaway. Take the complimentary ski shuttle to the slopes for a day of skiing. In warmer weather, the kids will enjoy a mountain bike ride in the great outdoors, and then the whole family can swim in the indoor, heated pool.

Park Regency





Park Avenue Condominiums, Park City, Utah (RCI)

Park Avenue Condominiums, Park City, Utah (RCI)

Signboard of Park Avenue Condominiums resort.

Marriott’s Summit Watch, Park City, Utah (II)

Marriott’s Summit Watch, Park City, Utah (II)


Hidden Creek, Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Park City Utah (RCI)

Hidden Creek, Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Park City Utah (RCI)

Hidden Creek town homes are located just below Canyons Village base area at Park City Mountain. Their quiet location is away from the hustle and bustle of the village, yet just a short walk across the street to the Cabriolet lift which takes you from the resort’s parking lots and drops you right in the center of the village.

Hidden Creek Vacation Rentals

Hidden Creek RV Resort

Hidden Creek BnB


Black Bear Lodge, Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Park City, Utah (RCI)

Ski In & Ski Out of These Dream Mountain Homes

Black Bear Lodge (RCI)

Wyndham Vacation Rentals

7447 Royal Street East

Park City, Utah 84060


Consider Renting A Timeshare – Then Buy One For As Little As $500 On The Resale Market

Consider Renting A Timeshare – Then Buy One For As Little As $500 On The Resale Market

Rent a timeshare at one of the many beautiful Colorado ski resorts for a fun summer family vacation. The average summer temperature at this …

Breezy Point Resort



Timeshare Auction Tomorrow

Are you interested in a timeshare auction. Online check this out in California.

Orange County treasurer to auction off ‘delinquent’ time-shares

The Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector is auctioning time-shares at the San Clemente Cove located at 104 S Alameda Lane in San Clemente. They are among nearly 80 delinquent properties up for sale in an online auction on Sept. 18. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Diamond Resorts Warns Members of Increase ……

in Fraudulent Timeshare Exit Companies, 

but at the same time they have salespeople who have reputations of using high pressure sales tatics during their sales prsentations. Example of 1.5 hr sales presentations that last for 3 to 5 hours long with multiple sales people wearing customers down to the point of signing a contract.

Powerful Timeshare Companies Are Attempting To…….

Indian travelers are opening up to timeshare……

says John Spence of Karma Group.

Our plans for the next decade are extremely exciting, as we intend to grow at a fast rate globally, and have organic growth of about 15%, annually. We’re in an acquisitive phase and are now buying other companies. So, we are optimistic of doubling in size, over the next decade. In India, we are very keen to buy more resorts and are looking at developing properties in Ooty and Darjeeling.

Powerful Timeshare Companies Are Attempting To…….

Make it almost impossible to cancel your timeshare contracts.

There are  independent companies called “Exit” your timeshare contracts that are causing the big dog timeshare companies headaches.  They are companies that have knowledge about timeshare sales and will help you cancel your timeshare contracts.  In Florida the large timeshare companies are trying to pressure the legislature representatives.

Timeshare Exit Team

Florida HB 435, a sweeping bill which would have made it virtually impossible for citizens to use timeshare exit companies to end their contracts blew up during a recent legislative workshop held on the bill.

Worst Thing To Do On Spring Break

Get a timeshare. Timeshares are one of the top sellers in the travel industry, but they’re also one of the biggest scams on the market today. Think about it. Why spend thousands of dollars on a place you might get to enjoy one week a year? Oh, and you never have any equity in the place. If you’re already stuck with one, it is possible to get out from under it. Timeshare Exit Team is dedicated to helping timeshare owners dissolve their unwanted timeshare contracts, legally and forever.

The leader of a timeshare scam was sentenced to prison Wednesday, Feb. 27

Timeshare Scammer & Associates Caught!

Fine! But you tell me whether you think the scammed timeshare owners will ever see a dime.  Right!  

Daniel Martin Boyar, or “Wolf”, of Orlando, Florida, has been sentenced to more than five years in prison as the leader of a timeshare resale fraud scam that caused over $3 million in losses.

A Hard To Believe Timeshare Scam – Again (3-13-19)

Reading Timeshare Scam Articles Like This Makes A Person Sick! 

Is our government to big to protect the consumer against fraud?


We have been reporting on timeshare going on 20 years or more and we still see these scam articles coming across our desk. It really makes a person mad that there are people managing to still scam timeshare owners out of hard earned money.

Read this story here:

News video here: 

*Read this Diamond Resort Scam To A 90 yr. Old Couple! Disgusting!

*Arizona Attorney General Warns of Spike in Timeshare Scams – (3-2-19)


Maritime Building in New Orleans Sold – To Reopen As Timeshare Operation In 2020 ( 3-13-19)

Maritime Building – New Orleans Sold

Martime Building to be converted to timeshare properties

Will Be Converted To Timeshares

Facebook Information

New Orleans Newspaper Advocate Article

Holiday Inn Club Vacation Timeshare Owners


Wyndham Destination News – 3-28-19

Wyndham Destinations Continues Growth In Orlando With The Expansion And Renovation Of …

WorldMark Orlando

Kelly McGuire

Vice President, Advanced Analytics, Wyndham Destination Network

Their global presence in 110 countries at more than 200 vacation ownership resorts and 4,300+ affiliated exchange properties distinguishes Wyndham Destinations as the world’s largest vacation ownership, exchange and rental company. Each year a team of 25,000 associates delivers great vacations to millions of families as they make memories of a lifetime.